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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Irma Alvarez, 1976

On a hot day in August, 1975, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Irma Alvarez confirmed that women were up to the challenges of police work on the streets.

Map of Los Angeles County in English Language

For English-only speakers, we offer a new map of Los Angeles County in the English language. It will probably appear quite foreign.

Los Angeles Basin From Space, 2013

Is the Los Angeles basin basically just a giant bowl of sand?

Los Angeles, Space, International Space Station

One in three Los Angeles County residents was born outside the United States, the largest foreign-born population in the nation. This is arguably one of the most culturally diverse concentrations of humanity ever.

Griffith Park Fire Victims, 1933

It is among America's worst firefighter disasters and, for a long time, the biggest loss of lives to a wildfire in California history.

The most intense earthquake ever recorded in the United States occured in the Los Angeles area.

Pacific Coast of California

Will Los Angeles really eventually fall into the ocean?

Imagined Tornado Over Los Angeles

Do tornadoes occur in Los Angeles County?

Captain William Shaler, circa 1805

First Americans to Visit the Los Angeles Area

He led the first Americans known to visit the Los Angeles area. He was also trying to avoid the authorities.

How to Pronounce "Los Angeles"

Although there is little dispute today about how to pronounce "Los Angeles," this wasn't always the case.

Influenza Toll Versus COVID-19 Toll, Los Angeles County

No. COVID-19 is not just like the flu.

The chart above shows the comparative impact of seasonal influenza (the "flu") with COVID-19 in Los Angeles County. Even if you were to combine the total of flu cases and deaths over nine seasons in Los Angeles County, the influenza toll still pales in comparison against the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths just for 2020 so far. The number of influenza-related deaths are so small, compared to COVID-19 deaths, that they are barely visual or not visible at all in this chart. COVID-19 is not just like the flu. It is more contagious, does more damage, is deadlier, and there is no vaccine for it.

Los Angeles Almanac Chart

Confederate Flag Over Los Angeles County, 1861-1865

A Little History: The Confederate County of Los Angeles

In 1861, the U.S. South was not the only part of the nation clamoring for secession from the Union.

Image Portrayal of Founders of Los Angeles, 1781

What Did the Founders of Los Angeles Look Like?

Most Angelenos probably know little to nothing about the 44 people who, 239 years ago, founded what became today a world-class megalopolis of 10 million people. Every day, however, you probably see the likeness of their faces and hear their voices in the streets of L.A.

June Gloom Over Southern California Beach

What Causes “June Gloom”?

It's called “May Gray,” “June Gloom,” and, sometimes, “No-Sky-July” and even “Fogust.” What makes it happen?

Map Overlay of Racially-Assessed Communities from 1939

Not all that long ago, your opportunities for buying or improving a home in most places in Los Angeles County were highly restricted, if you were not white.

Portrayal of Toypurina

L.A.'s First Uprising Against Racial Injustice

The struggle in Los Angeles against racial abuse and injustice goes back a long time. The first recorded uprising occurred in 1785. It was led by a young woman.

Volcanic Eruption

There are eight threatening volcanoes in California. Is the Los Angeles region in the danger zone?

Generals George S Patton Jr and James H Doolitte Arrive in Los Angeles, 1945

Two very famous World War II generals were Angelenos.

Image of Person of Filipino Descent From Spanish Colonial Period

Most of the families selected to establish the tiny farming village of Los Angeles in 1781 were people of color. The head of one of the families was Filipino.

San Gabriel Valley Business Sign in Chinese

How did the San Gabriel Valley become America's "Suburban Chinatown?"

Local Names From Agoura Hills to Whittier

People from Los Angeles are commonly called "Angelenos." So, what are people from Culver City or Long Beach called?

First El Camino Real Bell, 1906

What are those bells placed along streets and highways in Los Angeles County (and throughout California)?

Virgin With Angeles by Bouguereau

There is probably no other major city in America or even in the world whose original name is as disputed as that of Los Angeles.

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline as Seen From First AME Church, 2019

As it turns out, our current need to Stay-at-Home during the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have given Los Angeles some of the cleanest air among major cities of the world. Recently, IQAir, a Swiss air quality tech company that also monitors air pollution levels in cities around the world, ranked Los Angeles as high as third place among 97 world cities with the cleanest air in the world. At one point in the last week, Los Angeles ranked ahead of Berlin, Germany, and just behind second place Salt Lake City, Utah, and ahead of six other U.S. cities in the list, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Denver, Portland, Oregon and Seattle. This further follows EPA’s 2019 Air Quality Index Report showing Los Angeles County to have had the most number of good quality air days since at least 1980.


The most extreme amount of rain to fall anywhere in California during any 24-hour period fell in our own backyard.

The California Grizzly, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Today's black bears roaming through Southern California's backyards are not truly native here. The California Grizzly was Southern California's only native bear. So, how did this happen?

La Brea Woman imagined at La Brea Tar Pits & Museum

The earliest known human remains found in the Los Angeles area are that of a young woman from about 9,000 years ago. She was named "La Brea Woman," due to her remains being uncovered at the famous La Brea Tar Pits. Found with her remains were those of a domestic dog, which may make her L.A.'s earliest known pet owner.

Suffering the Flu

How bad does the seasonal flu actually get in Los Angeles County?

Los Angeles Councilwoman Rosalind Wyman, ca. 1953

Do you love the Los Angeles Dodgers, you should thank this woman.

Katherine Cheung, Pioneer Aviatrix

A young immigrant Asian woman becomes one of America's aviation pioneers.

Voter Registration in Los Angeles County

The largest number of registered voters in Los Angeles County are registered as Democrats. The second largest number of registered voters are not registered as you might think.

Portraits of Brothers Andres Pico and Pio Pico

The two most famous brothers in early Los Angeles history were of Indian, African and Spanish descent.

George H.W. Bush and Family, 1947

Five U.S. Presidents, at some point in their lives, made their home in Los Angeles County.

Welcome Sign to Beverly Hills

Los Angeles wasn't the only local city founded by people of African descent.

Southern California Beach at Sunset

The geographic label "Southern California" (or “SoCal”) has fairly recent origins.


What does life expectancy look like for Angelenos and how it compare to that for the average American?

Victorian Homes in the Angelino Heights District, Los Angeles

Angelino Heights is the oldest surviving residential suburb of Los Angeles.

Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way, Mural, 1862

Immigration has long been a hot issue in California. It certainly was, 174 years ago.

Dr. Elizabeth Follansbee

She was the first woman to practice medicine in Los Angeles. It was not easy.

Girl With Menorah

A Los Angeles department store was the first to use commercial advertising to promote Hanukkah gift-giving.

Mel Torme, Nat King Cole and Oscar Moore

Some of the inspiration for a much-beloved Christmas song came from a hot San Fernando Valley day.

Christmas Tree Lane, Altadena

This Altadena display is the oldest large-scale Christmas lighting display in the world.

Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds Singing White Christmas in Film Holiday Inn, 1942

This very famous Christmas song was actually written from the perspective of a New Yorker who found himself in Beverly Hills during Christmas.

Foods Straight Out of LA

They are the foods and beverages believed to have originated in Los Angeles (and in Pasadena).

Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedic Unit

Los Angeles County was one of the first to deploy paramedic firefighter units in the nation. It did not happen easily.

Student Behind Books

So, what does it cost to attend a four-year college in Los Angeles County?

California Army National Guard on Patrol in Los Angeles During Riots, 1992

U.S. military troops deployed eight times into the Los Angeles area for military or security purposes.

Earle C. Anthony and Automobile, Los Angeles, Circa 1897

111 years before Elon Musk and Tesla was this Los Angeles teenager.

Eye of a Creature

Mysterious L.A.: During one summer afternoon in 1961, the story was that, for several hours, this creature terrorized the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The White Lady of Elysian Park

Mysterious L.A.: She is said to have haunted Elysian Park and environs since at least World War II.

Swastika Over LA

Before America entered World War II, the Nazis appeared to be building a fortress in Los Angeles.

Archeological Burial Site

Mysterious L.A.: What happened to cause the violent deaths of these long ago Los Angeles area residents?

Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way, Mural, 1862

Immigration has long been a hot issue in California. At one time, American citizens were the illegal immigrants.

Actually, Spanish has never been a foreign language in Los Angeles. At least, not since 1771.

Record High and Low Temperatures for Select LA County Locations

The highest recorded temperature in Downtown Los Angeles was 113 oF on September 27, 2010. The highest recorded temperature anywhere in Los Angeles County was 119 oF on July 22, 2006, in Woodland Hills.

Powers Place, Shortest Street in Los Angeles

What are the longest and shortest streets in Los Angeles County (and those with the steepest grades)?

Fosselman's Ice Cream Co., Alhambra, California

A British newspaper declared an Alhambra ice cream shop to be the best place in the world to drink a milkshake. Yes, in the world.

Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena

This wonderful and iconic bookstore in Pasadena is the oldest independent bookstore in Southern California.

Phone, Telephone, Beach, Area Code

Your Area Code says a lot about you.

Child Care Worker With Children

What are the current minimum wage rates in Los Angeles County?

The median pay of child care workers in Los Angeles County in 2018 was $13.00 per hour.

Image of 2,166 People

Los Angeles County has a population of more than 10 million people. What would 10 million people even look like, if you could imagine it?

Earthrise Over Lunar Surface, 1969

Four Apollo astronauts who set foot on the moon and their significant ties to Los Angeles County.

Workers in a Los Angeles Shirt Factory, Circa 1940s

When and how did the largest fashion industry in the United States get started?

Rosie and Earl Cadman in Avalon, Circa 1945

Santa Catalina Island has a queen. We had the privilege to meet her.

A Dad Teaches His Daughter to Surf

How can a city stand up to support fatherhood?

June Gloom Over Southern California Beach

What causes “May Gray” and “June Gloom?”

Paralegal at Work

What are the fastest growing occupations in Los Angeles County?

Michael Monsoor, Recipient of Medal of Honor, 2006

Of 3,506 Congressional Medals of Honor awarded since 1861, 30 went to persons from Los Angeles County.

Indian Girl

They are among the fastest growing Asian ethnic groups in Los Angeles County.

Indian Woman Gathering Acorns by Charles Nahl, 1859

They lived in the Los Angeles area for more than 2,000 years. By what name do we call them?

Entrance to 2017 California African American Museum Exhibit

On April 29, 1992, Los Angeles exploded.

Worshipping Hands

Although many believe Pentecostalism spread from Jerusalem long ago, its modern version spread from Los Angeles.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Artist Rendering

And next to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, another exciting new museum is rising.

Field Workers in Whittier Narrows Strawberry Fields

At one time, Los Angeles County reigned as "King of Agriculture" in America.

Vintage McDonald's Sign in Downey, California

Before hamburgers, the McDonald brothers tried another type of business in the Los Angeles area.

Replica of Original In-N-Out Stand Near Original Location

One of the youngest American women multibillionaires is Lynsi Synder, heiress, sole owner and president of In-N-Out, Inc. Her wealth is estimated to be about $3 billion.

Drawing of Ducommon Watch and Jewelry. 1868

The oldest business founded and still operating in California was founded here in Los Angeles.

Artist Conception of Mars Rover

An Angeleno (or La Cañada Flintridger, to be exact) discovered evidence of water on Mars and holds the off-world driving record.

Georgia Ann Robinson, One of the First U.S. African American Police Officers

When she became an LAPD officer, she was one of the first African American woman police officers.

Map of Native Peoples in and Around Los Angeles County

Local place names Azusa, Cahuenga, Cucamonga, Malibu, Pacoima, and Saticoy, were derived from the languages of native people who lived in the Los Angeles area. The primary group in the area, the Kizh, numbered anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 when the first Europeans arrived in 1542. The Kizh are related culturally and linguistically to the Shoshone and Uto-Aztecan (Utes, Paiutes, Pueblos, Yaquis and Aztecs). The Spaniards assigned a label of their own to the Kizh - Gabrielenos, naming them after the Mission San Gabriel which proselytized them and sought to subjugate them.

Los Angeles Alligator Farm, ca. 1900

Angelenos once mounted ostriches and alligators, gawked at celebrity lions, threw peanuts at monkeys, and cheered killer whales.

Map of Wyoming From TV Series Longmire

So, when did Wyoming begin looking a lot like Los Angeles?

Valley Relics Museum

It's almost like visiting the garage for the whole of the San Fernando Valley.

2003 Los Angeles City Proclamation of Official Song of LAX

Los Angeles International Airport actually has an official song and the song was actually a hit.

Archways of Light in the Moonlight Forest

The Los Angeles County Arboretum offers a new delight for the holidays.

Docent-Led Tour at Heritage Square Museum

Heritage Square Museum is a time portal that will take you back into an earlier Los Angeles.

Adamm’s Stained Glass Studio & Art Gallery, Santa Monica, California

What does a former Navy pilot have to do with some of the most historic stained glass artwork in Southern California?

Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City, California

Without contest, it is the most unusual museum in Los Angeles County. It is also the most unusual museum we've visited anywhere in the world.

DC-3 Passenger Plane at Flight Path Museum

There are a number of places at or near LAX to indulge your interest in aviation and aviation history.

Pets need love, too.

Not very long ago, as many as 18,000 animals were being killed in Los Angeles animal shelters each year. That was then.

First Ralphs Grocery Store Opened in Los Angeles, 1886

There are food retailers still operating today that launched their business in Los Angeles as far back as 1873.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College

During the 2017-2018 school year, the 22 community colleges in Los Angeles County enrolled a combined total of 623,558 students. The largest community college district in the county, the Los Angeles Community College District, is also the largest in the nation. Its nine campuses enrolled more than 230,000 students.

2007 Little League World Series Game in South Williamsport, PA

In the Little League World Series, two significant "Firsts" for the United States came out of Long Beach and San Pedro.

L.A. County Population Ratios

Just how big is Los Angeles County's population in California, the U.S., and the World?

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

How a passion for ice cream beginning in Glendale and Pasadena came to reach around the world.

Guy Orlando Rose in Giverny, France, Circa 1890

He was was the first native Southern California to achieve international fame.

Aircraft in Flight

Air travellers are often less than happy these days, but those using an air transporation service operating from Santa Monica Airport appear to be the exception.

DisneySea, Long Beach Concept, 1990

Long Beach was once going to be the location of a new $3 billion Disney theme park.

International Flags Displayed at USC

About one in three Los Angeles County residents are foreign-born.

America's Next Great City

According to an article in GQ Magazine, what part of Los Angeles may be America's Next Great City?

Looking South Toward Mouth of Los Angeles River in Long Beach

The Los Angeles River empties into the ocean at Long Beach. That wasn't always the case.

Entrance to the Pike in Long Beach, 1960

It was the leading amusement attraction in the Los Angeles area before there was a Disneyland.

Fairfax Farmer's Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, located at the corner of Fairfax and Third Street in Los Angeles, opened in 1934 at what was then known as the Gilmore Ranch. 18 farmers parked their trucks on the corner and began selling produce from their tailgates. The Market now features more than 100 shops visited by an estimated 3 million people each year (approximately one-third of which are tourists). Vendors at The Market speak about 23 different languages. The Farmers Market website offers other interesting facts about The Market.

Fortune Cookie and Fortune

Was the fortune cookie actually invented in Los Angeles?

Estelle Lawton Lindsey, 1915

On September 10, 1915, Los Angeles became the first major U.S. city to have a woman mayor.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

The nation's oldest Holocaust museum founded by survivors takes visitors into the depths of Holocaust history.

Los Angeles County Health Workers

With 92,708 employees, it is the single largest employer in Southern California.

Luxury Apartment for Lease

Angelenos know that their city is expensive to live in. How does it rank against the cities of the world?.

Disneyland Entrance

Walt Disney planned to build Disneyland in Burbank. How did it end up in Anaheim?

Mexican American Indian Performers

Los Angeles County is home to the largest concentration of American Indians in the United States.

La Raza Exhibition at Autry Museum

La Raza was the best known and most influential of Chicano activist publications during the late 1960s and into the 1970s.

Clara Shortridge Foltz, Circa 1900

If you have no means to hire a defense attorney if facing a criminal charge, you should thank Clara Shortridge Foltz.

The Bunny Museum, Altadena, California

If ever there is a unique example of passion and love, there is The Bunny Museum in Altadena.

The Original Saugus Cafe, Santa Clarita

Longest operating restaurant in Los Angeles County

Time Travel Mart, Echo Park

The Time Travel Mart is a “convenience store for time travelers.”

Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport

Among the three designers of the iconic “Theme Building” at the center of Los Angeles International Airport was a rather unique architect, especially for his time.

Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park

Ten Romantic Movies Set in Los Angeles

Birthday Celebration

According the last census in 2010, more people in Los Angeles County are living to age 100 and over.

Valley Speak

Valspeak or Valley Speak is a social class dialect said to have originated among materialistic young upper-class white women in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

The rainiest day on record in Downtown Los Angeles was March 2, 1938, recording 5.88 inches of rain.

Catalina Mahogany Tree

A species of tree found only on Santa Catalina Island is one of the rarest trees in North America.

Las Posadas Procession on Olvera Street, 2017

Celebrated every December at Olvera Street, it is said to be the oldest, continuously-celebrated Christmas event in Los Angeles.

Amelia Earhart, 1936

Amelia Earhart...Where Her Love of Flying Began.

1930s Auto Club highway patrol in Southern California

Before the California Highway Patrol (CHP), they patrolled California roadways as the Highway Patrol Service.

Denny's Restaurant, Monrovia

This now ubiquitous nationwide chain of restaurants had its humble origins in Lakewood.

Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena

These bookstores are Southern California's oldest, California's largest, the nation's largest university bookstore and the nation's oldest children's bookstore.

Origin of the Name "Dodgers" for the Los Angeles Dodgers

"The Grapevine"