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Swastika Over LA

Before America entered World War II, the Nazis appeared to be building a fortress in Los Angeles.

Disneyland Entrance

Walt Disney planned to build Disneyland in Burbank. How did it end up in Anaheim?

Mexican American Indian Performers

Los Angeles County is home to the largest concentration of American Indians in the United States.

La Raza Exhibition at Autry Museum

La Raza was the best known and most influential of Chicano activist publications during the late 1960s and into the 1970s.

Clara Shortridge Foltz, Circa 1900

If you have no means to hire a defense attorney if facing a criminal charge, you should thank Clara Shortridge Foltz.

The Bunny Museum, Altadena, California

If ever there is a unique example of passion and love, there is The Bunny Museum in Altadena.

The Original Saugus Cafe, Santa Clarita

Longest operating restaurant in Los Angeles County

Time Travel Mart, Echo Park

The Time Travel Mart is a “convenience store for time travelers.”

Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park

Ten Romantic Movies Set in Los Angeles

Birthday Celebration

According the last census in 2010, more people in Los Angeles County are living to age 100 and over.

Valley Speak

Valspeak or Valley Speak is a social class dialect said to have originated among materialistic young upper-class white women in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

The rainiest day on record in Downtown Los Angeles was March 2, 1938, recording 5.88 inches of rain.

Victorian Homes in the Angelino Heights District, Los Angeles

Angelino Heights is the oldest surviving residential suburb of Los Angeles.

Catalina Mahogany Tree

A species of tree found only on Santa Catalina Island is one of the rarest trees in North America.

Boy With Menorah

A Los Angeles department store was the first to use commercial advertising to promote Hanukkah gift-giving.

The Christmas Tree by Winslow Homer, 1858

It was believed to be the first Christmas tree erected in Southern California.

Las Posadas Procession on Olvera Street, 2017

Celebrated every December at Olvera Street, it is said to be the oldest, continuously-celebrated Christmas event in Los Angeles.

Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds Singing White Christmas in Film Holiday Inn, 1942

This very famous Christmas song was actually written from the viewpoint of a New Yorker who found himself in sunny Beverly Hills during Christmas.

Amelia Earhart, 1936

Amelia Earhart...Where Her Love of Flying Began

Southern California Beach at Sunset

The geographic label "Southern California" (or “SoCal”) has fairly recent origins.

1930s Auto Club highway patrol in Southern California

Before the California Highway Patrol (CHP), they patrolled California roadways as the Highway Patrol Service.

Denny's Restaurant, Monrovia

This now ubiquitous nationwide chain of restaurants had its humble origins in Lakewood.

Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena

These bookstores are Southern California's oldest, California's largest, the nation's largest university bookstore and the nation's oldest children's bookstore.

Los Angeles County has the largest foreign-born population of any county in the United States.

Origin of the Name "Dodgers" for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Beverly Hills' first land owner.

"The Grapevine"

The first woman physician in Los Angeles

The longest and shortest streets in Los Angeles County (and the steepest grades).

Origins of some of our local food empires.

The most intense earthquake ever recorded in the United States occured in the Los Angeles area.

Immigration has long been a hot issue in California. What was said about it more than 170 years ago.