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What Do You Call People From...

"Angelenos" at The Grove in Los Angeles. Los Angeles County Photo.

People From... Are Called...
Alhambra Alhambran
Arcadia Arcadian
California Californian, Californio (early Spanish-speaking residents).
Glendale Glendalian
Hollywood Hollywoodite, Hollywoodian, Hollywooder
Lancaster 1 Lancastrian
Lomita Lomitian 2
Long Beach Long Beacher
Los Angeles Angeleno, Angelino, Los Angeleno, Los Angelean, L-Alien
Norwalk 1 Norwalker
Pasadena Pasadenan
Pomona Pomonan
San Marino 1 Sammarinese, San Marinese
Santa Monica Santa Monican
Temple City Temple Citian 3
Torrance Torrancite
Venice 1 Venetian

1) Dickson's book does not refer specifically to the Los Angeles County community by this name, but rather to its namesake (Lancaster, England; Norwalk, Connecticut; San Marino, Europe; Venice, Italy).
2) Used by a Lomita resident when interviewed by a TV news reporter.
3) Taken from the name used by a Temple City church, "Church of the Temple Citians."

Sources: (For all but Lomita and Temple City) Labels for Locals by Paul Dickson, 1997, Merriam Webster