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Enjoy Los Angeles International Airport & Aviation History

Flight Path Museum - LAX

DC-3 Passenger Plane at Flight Path Museum

A DC-3 passenger plane at the Flight Path Museum. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

We discovered this museum by accident and we consider that a crying shame. For those interested in aviation and aviation history, this is a Los Angeles jewel. What particularly made our visit delightful were the docents, a number who are retired flight attendants, some whose careers began in the early days of the jet age. The museum's focus seemed primarily on commercial aviation and we enjoyed the experience of being able to board a classic DC-3 airliner. Thier collection of vintage flight crew uniforms was unique and amazing. If for no other reason, however, you must visit the Flight Path Museum to meet and talk with their docents.

Flight Path Museum & Learning Center
6661 Imperial Highway
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel. (424) 646-7284

LAX Tours: It appears that LAX Community Relations arranges tours of LAX that include behind-the-scene operations and a visit to the first hanger at LAX, the historic Hanger No. 1. However, we caution that, although they offer information about these tours on their webpage, our own efforts to contact them about joining a tour never received a response.

Airplane Landing View Point - Westchester

Jetliner Arriving at LAX

Jetliner arriving at LAX seen from Airport Landing View Point. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

Across the street from an In-N-Out Hamburger restaurant (a must-stop for hamburger-loving visitors into and out of LAX, including the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain), this tiny park-like area is a favorite for plane-spotters of the big jets just as they arrive, one after the other, for landing at LAX. Grab a burger and shake from across the street and watch as jetliners from all over the world swoop down in front of you to the runway.

Airport Landing View Point
West 92nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Across the street from In-N-Out Hamburger
9149 South Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Clutter’s Park - El Segundo

View of LAX From Clutter's Park in El Segundo

View of LAX from Clutter's Park in El Segundo. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

The popular little El Segundo park on a hill (even if no more than a sidewalk with trees, benches, a plaque, and a flag) offers a wonderful view of the south runaways, terminals and hangers of LAX. You will almost always encounter other photographers and plane-spotters there. On clear days, the distant mountain ranges of Los Angeles County can be seen above the airport.

Clutter’s Park
400 block of East Imperial Avenue at Sheldon Street
El Segundo, CA

Museum of Flying - Santa Monica

Inside the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica

Inside the Museum of Flying at Santa Monica Airport. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

This museum is not at LAX, although, with some traffic luck, it is within a half hour away by car. Because of its close proximity to LAX, we recommend it as part of your LAX aviation experience. It is, after all, an excellent aviation museum and is itself located at an airport.

Museum of Flying
3100 Airport Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405