About the Los Angeles Almanac™

The Los Angeles Almanac™ is a unique online reference work focusing strictly on Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles and the county's many other communities. It lays claim to being the first comprehensive almanac* for Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. It also has the distinction of being the first online almanac to focus exclusively on any of the world's major metropolitan areas. The Almanac is packed with 2,000 pages of information culled from hundreds of public and private sources, most of which are referenced with hyperlinks.

Los Angeles Almanac was launched online in 1998 as LosAngelesAlmanac.com (it remained under this domain name until renamed LAAlmanac.com in 2005). By September 2000, the website was listed at the top of Los Angeles Magazine’s Short List of Essential L.A. Web Sites. In 2001, a print version titled The Los Angeles Almanac was published. We are grateful to Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena and Dutton's Brentwood Bookstore in Brentwood for being the first booksellers to offer this edition when it was first released.

Vanessa Trevino, Ray Yannone and Larry Martinez are credited with some of the research for the Almanac.