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Asians in Los Angeles County - By the Numbers
People, Asian

Asians are the third largest ethnic/racial group in Los Angeles County. Here are their demographics.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 Coronavirus, Los Angeles County

Tracking COVID-19 in Los Angeles County.

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Let's Feed L.A.

Let's Feed L.A.

Do you need food or have food (or time) to donate? This portal connects those in need in Los Angeles County to those who can help.

Our Story in Pictures
Vermont Gurdwara, Sikh, Los Angeles, Religion, 1969

Photo by Frank Q. Brown, from the L.A. Times Photographic Archive at UCLA Library.

1969. People remove their shoes before entering Vermont Gurdwara in Los Feliz for its dedication ceremony. The Sikh (pronounced “Seek” or “Sick”) temple was the first established in Los Angeles County. Today, there are at least eight Sikh places of worship in Los Angeles County to serve an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 practitioners. Los Angeles County Sikhs, primarily immigrants and descendants of immigrants from the Punjab region of India, are believed to have been in Southern California since at least the early 1900s.

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Did You Know?
Taylor Wang, NASA, Astronaut, 1984

This UCLA graduate and JPL scientist became the first person of Chinese descent in space.

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Why are there so many Iranians in Los Angeles?
Why So Many Iranians in Los Angeles?

What are the origins of this slice of Iran in America, aka "Tehrangeles"?

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