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When Wyoming Looked Like Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles Map and Longmire TV Series Map of Wyoming

Left: Our own Map of the City of Los Angeles. Right: Longmire Map of Wyoming in the Sheriff's Office. We marked some of the similarities in red.

One night, we were watching the pilot episode of the "Longmire" TV series (from 2012). The series tells the stories of a weathered but shrewd sheriff in a fictional rural county in modern-day Wyoming. During a scene in the sheriff's office, we could not help but notice the map of Wyoming on the wall in the background. We love maps. We publish maps of Los Angeles. How could we not help but notice that this map of Wyoming looked strangely like a map of Los Angeles?

Okay. We know that it’s make-believe and, after all, L.A. is the capital of make-believe. Probably, an overworked, underpaid production assistant had 15 minutes to find a Wyoming wall map while they filmed the interior shot in a North Hollywood studio. Cop offices always have maps on the wall. This was the only available worn-looking wall map in the props inventory. Just slap a “Wyoming” label on it and you have Hollywood magic.

...and Hollywood geographically located in Wyoming.

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