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The Most Regrettable Mayors of Los Angeles
Most Regrettable Mayors of Los Angeles

Name a major U.S. city where a mayor resigned from office to lead a lynch mob.

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Los Angeles’s Dangerous Obsession with Car Chases
LA's Dangerous Obession With Car Chases

Through an abundance of freeways, a competitive TV-news market, and morbid curiosity, car chases remain in L.A.'s public eye..

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P-38 Lightning Fighter at Lockheed Burbank Plant, 1942

Photo by David Bransby, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

In World War II, the Germans were said to call it der gabelschwanz-teufel (the fork-tailed devil) and the Japanese ni hikōki, ippairotto (two planes, one pilot). It had long range and fearsome firepower and, under best conditions, was one of the fastest fighter aircraft in the world. Here, in 1942, a P-38 Lightning pursuit plane is prepared for delivery to the U.S. Army Air Corps in the test hangar of Burbank's Lockheed aircraft plant. More than 10,000 of these were built in Burbank by the end of the war.

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Looking South Toward Mouth of Los Angeles River in Long Beach

The Los Angeles River empties into the ocean at Long Beach. That wasn't always the case.

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