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Angelenos Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice
Vietnam Dead Return to Los Angeles, 1968

About 12,000 service men and women from Los Angeles County gave their lives in wars since 1941.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Confirmed Cases and Deaths in Los Angeles County
How many, to whom and where?

Please Report Child Abuse

Report Child Abuse in Los Angeles County

With Los Angeles County children no longer in school or in public, some are more vulnerable to undetected abuse.

Let's Feed L.A.

Los Angeles County and Headspace

Need food or have food (or time) to donate? This portal connects those in need in Los Angeles County to those who can help.

Los Angeles County is Stronger Together

Los Angeles County and Headspace

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health has partnered with Headspace to provide county residents, free, through 2020, resources to help:

    - Stress less
    - Move more
    - Sleep soundly

Our Story in Pictures
Memorial Day Participants, LA Coliseum, 1935

Photo from the L.A. Times Photographic Archives Collection at UCLA Library.

1935. Participants in a Memorial Day event at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum march before 25,000 spectators. A number of surviving Civil War veterans were also honored in this event. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was first opened in 1923, commissioned in honor of U.S. veterans who died in World War I. In 1968, the Coliseum was re-dedicated to honor all veterans of World War I.

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Did You Know?
Generals George S Patton Jr and James H Doolitte Arrive in Los Angeles, 1945

Two very famous World War II generals were Angelenos.

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Drone Video of Los Angeles as Coronavirus Shuts Down City
Los Angeles Shuts Down for Coronavirus, COVID-19

On March, 20, 2020, a county of 10 million people suddenly stayed home.

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