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Thank You, Healthcare Workers!

Emergency Room Staff

Emergency Room staff at PIH Health Hospital in Whittier.

223,380 people, or about 5 percent of Los Angeles County's workforce, are employed as healthcare practitioners and technicians. Among these are:

  • 17,480 physicians
  • 5,420 physician assistants and nurse practitioners
  • 82,250 registered nurses
  • 4,840 emergency medical technicians and paramedics
  • 27,690 medical technicians and technologists
  • 18,610 licensed practical and vocational nurses

Source: California Employment Development Department, 1st Quarter, 2019

As Los Angeles County deals with the threat of COVID-19, we are grateful for each and every one of them.

About L.A.
Coyotes in Los Angeles County
Coyote, Griffith Park

Besides humans, they are considered the top predator in Los Angeles County.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Confirmed Cases in Los Angeles County
How many and where?

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus

Children need the adults around them to communicate calmly and clearly about the COVID-19 crisis. This article from Children's Hospital of Los Angeles offers helpful guidelines.

Image courtesy of Vecteezy

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Roping Wild Horses, James Walker, 1875

Image from The Athenaeum via Wikimedia Commons

Early 1800s. For the last 100 years, the automobile has been central to life in the Los Angeles region. For the 100 years prior to that, it was the horse. Angelenos, especially those of the Spanish and Mexican period, were said to live on their horses. The landscape painting above is of Mexican caballeros and the ranch owner, titled "Roping Wild Horses," by renowned painter James Walker, 1875.

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The California Grizzly, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Today's black bears roaming through Southern California's backyards are not truly native here. The California Grizzly was Southern California's only native bear. So, how did this happen?

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How to Survive a Coyote Encounter
Survive a Coyote Encounter

Coyotes - we've long encroached on their habitat, so they’re adapting to encroach on ours. As their fear of us lessens and they become more emboldened, we must learn to safely live with these canines.

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