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Origin of the Name "Los Angeles"
Virgin With Angeles, Bouguereau

There is probably no major city in America or even in the world whose original name is as disputed as that of Los Angeles.

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Five U.S. Presidents Who Lived in L.A.County
George H.W. Bush and Family, 1947

Five U.S. Presidents, at some point in their lives, made their home in Los Angeles County.

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1965

Photo by George Louis at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons.

1965. Having moved from its original location in Exposition Park (at what is now the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) opened that year at its new Wilshire Boulevard location. Pictured is the Ahmanson Building and the Bing Center. The new museum was designed by William L. Pereira (who also collaborated on the design of the LAX Theme Building) and was initially fronted by reflecting pools and fountains. Within a year after opening, however, tar and gases from the nearby La Brea Tar Pits began seeping into the water. Pereira acknowledged the tar pits as a special factor in his planning, however did not foresee the extent they would impact the water elements in his design. By 1975, the museum had replaced the water elements with a sculpture garden. The museum later added the Art of the Americas Building, the Pavilion for Japanese Art, the adjacent former May Company department store building, and the Broad Contemporary Art Building, and the Resnick Exhibition Pavilion. In 2020, four of LACMA's older buildings (Ahmanson, Art of the Americas, Bing, and Hammer) were demolished and are now being replaced by the new David Geffin Galleries, projected for completion this year in 2024. The new modernist structure will actually extend over Wilshire Boulevard.

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Did You Know?
The California Grizzly, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Today's black bears roaming through Southern California's backyards are not truly native here. The California Grizzly was actually Southern California's only native bear. So, what happened?

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