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Putting a Face on the Founders of Los Angeles
Image Portrayal of Founders of Los Angeles, 1781

Los Angeles was founded on September 4, 1781, by a small band of 44 men, women and children, who trekked almost one thousand miles to establish what was then a tiny farming village. After 238 years, we wanted to see if we could "put a face" on the founders of one of America's great cities.

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Los Angeles Wildcats Logo

Los Angeles Receives Another Pro-Football Team

The re-emerged X Football League (XFL) announced the name and logo for their new team in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Wildcats are one of the league's eight inaugural teams (Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Washington DC). The team will be coached by veteran NFL player and assistant coach, Winston Moss. The team's first game is scheduled for play in February 2020 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson.

Our Story in Pictures
View of Los Angeles Plaza, Circa 1857-1861

Photo originally collected by C.C. Pierce and now in the California Historical Society Collection at USC Library.

Circa 1861. View of Los Angeles Plaza, looking southeast. This may be the earliest known photograph of Los Angeles, taken from Fort Moore Hill, overlooking town. The photographer was not identified. Los Angeles, then with a population of about 4,400 (now 4 million), actually extends further north on the left of this image and further south on the right. At the center of the plaza is a water reservoir, now the location of the Gazebo. The historic Plaza Church, still present and used today, is in the lower left corner. The structures toward the lower right would be replaced by the Pico House. Olvera Street would, much later, begin on the photo's far left center and Union Station would be located in the open field, just beyond the row of adobe structures and clump of trees in the middle of the photo. In the upper distance to the right is “El Aliso,” a giant ancient sycamore tree that died in 1892 but had long been a sacred place for local native people and a city landmark.

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Did You Know?
Fosselman's Ice Cream Co., Alhambra, California

A British newspaper declared an Alhambra ice cream shop to be the best place in the world to drink a milkshake. Yes, in the world.

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Los Angeles Zoot Suit Riots, History Channel
Zoot Suit Riots, History Channel

Exploring how the infamous “Zoot Suit Riots” came to be America’s worst racial violence during the 20th century.

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