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July Temperature Records in L.A. County

Palm Trees Along Los Angeles Skyline

So far this month, 118 degrees was recorded in Santa Clarita on July 5, 115 degrees in Palmdale and Lancaster respectively on July 6 and 7, and 106 degrees in Sandberg on July 6. These all set July records for each of their locations. The Palmdale and Lancaster temperatures were all-time records for these locations.

Latest High Temperatures
  • Santa Clarita - 118o on Jul 5 (July record)
  • Lancaster - 115o on Jul 7 (All-time record)
  • Palmdale - 115o on Jul 6 (All-time record)
  • Woodland Hills - 108o on Jul 10
  • Sandberg - 106o on Jul 6 (July record)
  • Claremont - 101o on Jul 5
  • Van Nuys - 100o on Jul 5, 10, 11
  • San Gabriel Valley (Santa Fe Dam) - 98o on Jul 5
  • Beverly Hills - 94o on Jul 5
  • Burbank - 95o on Jul 10, 11
  • Whittier - 94o on Jul 9
  • Avalon - 91o on Jul 5, 11
  • Downtown LA - 88o on Jul 5, 9, 10, 11
  • Long Beach - 86o on Jul 3
  • Hawthorne - 84o on Jul 6
  • Torrance - 81o on Jul 6, 7
  • UCLA - 81o on Jul 6
  • LAX - 80o on Jul 6
  • Santa Monica - 80o on Jul 6
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Surfering, Beach, Pollution, 1960

Photograph in L.A. Times Photographic Collection at UCLA Library.

1963. Members of the California Coast Girls Surf Club gather with their surf boards at a Torrance beach to “hit the waves.” The club had been formed in 1961 by Pamela Maloche, a Narbonne High School sophomore in Harbor City. She had grown up on the Balboa Peninsula in Orange County, but her parents later moved the family out to the Inland Empire. When Pamela later began high school, the family moved back to the coast, this time to the Harbor City area. There, Pamela returned to her love of water and became passionate about surfing. She found the sport, however, male-dominated and dismissive of girls as surfers. Surf clubs were all-male and unwelcoming to girls. So, Pamela came together with 14 other girls to form one of the earliest known female surf clubs (the first may actually have been a women’s surf club down in San Onofre, formed during the 1930s). The all-female club did not try to compete head-to-head with boys, but, rather, sought to demonstrate that girls could also be serious surfers. Besides engaging in their own competitions and surfing ventures, the club added community service projects to their agenda, not typical of male surf clubs at the time.

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