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Iconic Spanish Names of Los Angeles County
Iconic Spanish Names, Los Angeles County

These Spanish names are seen on signs, buildings, and places all over Los Angeles County. Who were these people?

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COVID-19 Coronavirus in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 Coronavirus, Los Angeles County

Tracking COVID-19 in Los Angeles County.

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Let's Feed L.A.

Let's Feed L.A.

Many in Los Angeles County continue to struggle to put food on the table. Do you need food or have food (or time) to donate? This portal connects those in need in Los Angeles County to those who can help.

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Vaccines, Smallpox, Los Angeles, 1949

Photo from the Los Angeles Daily News Negatives Collection at UCLA Library.

1949. Children at Ann Street Elementary School, east of Chinatown in Los Angeles, give up smiles after receiving smallpox vaccinations. The last cases of smallpox in the United States occurred that same year (an outbreak in Texas), attributed to the nation's widespread vaccinations by that year. Between 1900 and 1949, the U.S. suffered more than 1.4 million smallpox cases and the loss of almost 17,000 lives to the disease. Those numbers likely would have been considerably less and the disease eradicated sooner, had it not been for a great deal of vaccine resistance by individuals and some states, as is now the case with COVID-19 vaccines. By 1972, with smallpox long eradicated in the United States, smallpox vaccinations were no longer routinely given. All 50 states, however, continue to mandate other vaccines (currently for measles, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, and chickenpox) for children entering childcare and elementary school. This maintains a mostly vaccinated population against these deadly diseases and keeps outbreaks non-existent or rare.

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Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way, Mural, 1862

Immigration has long been a hot issue in California. At one time, American citizens were, ironically, the undocumented immigrants here.

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