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LGBTQ Population in Los Angeles County

What are the latest numbers for the LGBTQ population of Los Angeles County?

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Venice Beach Lifeguards, Circa 1915-1920

Photo from George Grantham Bain Collection, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Circa 1915-1920. Venice Beach lifeguards and beach-goers. In the early 20th century, coastal communty real estate developers (such as Abbot Kinney in Venice and Henry Huntington in Redondo Beach) promoted Southern California's beaches in order to attract potential property buyers. Unfortunately, at the time, far too many visitors did not know how to swim and were wholy unprepared to cope with ocean waves. The number of beach drownings were horrific. Promoters became concerned that visitors felt unsafe and frightened by threat of drowning. So capable swimmers were hired to serve as life guards. These were the earliest versions of today's Los Angeles County Life Guards.

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Did You Know?
Worshipping Hands

Although followers believe Pentecostalism began in Jerusalem long ago, its modern version began in Los Angeles.

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