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Place Names in Los Angeles County - Meanings and Origins
Neighborhood Sign, Century City, Los Angeles

Last week, we featured the stories behind iconic Spanish names around Los Angeles County. Here we look at the meanings behind other placenames aound L.A. and L.A. County.

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COVID-19 in Los Angeles County

Weekly new COVID case numbers in the last six weeks in Los Angeles County.

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Los Angeles County

Weekly case numbers since 2020.

Our Story in Pictures
Shoeshine Boys in Old Plaza Los Angeles, Circa 1930

Photo from the L.A. Times Photograph Collection at the UCLA Digital Library.

Circa 1930. Shoeshine boys working in the Old Plaza in Los Angeles (now El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument). The historic Pico House is in the background. Olvera Street, restored and reopened in 1930, would be behind the photographer.

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Did You Know?
Powers Place, Shortest Street in Los Angeles

What are the longest and shortest streets in Los Angeles County (and those with the steepest grades)?

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