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Largest Publicly-Owned Companies Based in L.A. County
Walt Disney Company, Disneyland

The combined market value of the 23 largest publicly-owned companies headquartered in Los Angeles County is about $600 billion. They employ more than half a million people worldwide.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 Coronavirus, Los Angeles County

Tracking COVID-19 in Los Angeles County.

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Let's Feed L.A.

Let's Feed L.A.

Many in Los Angeles County continue to struggle to put food on the table. Do you need food or have food (or time) to donate? This portal connects those in need in Los Angeles County to those who can help.

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Los Angeles, Chinatown, Anna May Wong, 1938

Photo from Los Angeles Times Photographic Collection at UCLA Library.

1938. Los Angeles-born actress Anna May Wong with children at a tree-planting ceremony in Chinatown in Los Angeles. She became the first female Asian American and first Chinese American to become a film star and first to achieve international fame. In her film career, from 1919 to 1961, she acted in 64 motion pictures and 17 television episodes. Wong came to be outspoken against the stereo-type and villian film roles that Asian actors were typically cast in. In Hollywood's earlier days, good Asian character roles were often cast to white actors in "yellow-face." One possible reason that Wong was not cast in the lead Asian female role in the 1937 film "The Good Earth," opposite white actor Paul Muni (also portraying an Asian character) was that Hollywood, like most of American society, opposed anything resembling interracial romantic interactions, even for actors in fictional roles. In 2022, the U.S. Mint announced that Anna May Wong's face would be featured on the U.S. quarter as part of the American Women Quarters™ Program. She becomes the first Asian American and first Los Angeles native to be portrayed on U.S. currency.

Anna May Wong, U.S. Quarter, American Women Quarters Program, 2022

Reverse side of U.S. quarter, featuring face of Anna May Wong, 2022. Sculpted by John P. McGraw and designed by Emily Damstra.

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Anna May Wong Biography

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