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Old Telephone Exchange Names
Los Angeles County

Photo courtesy of 526663 at Pixabay.com.

In 1958, due to increased consumer demand for individual telephone numbers, the telephone company began phasing out old exchange names for all numeric telephone numbers or "All Number Calling" (pretty much gone by 1963). These old exchange names are remembered in Glenn Miller’s song PEnnsylvania 6-5000 and Elizabeth Taylor’s movie BUtterfield-8. Below is a list of exchange names and numbers for Los Angeles County gleaned from the Telephone EXchange Name Project, compiled by Robert Crowe, and from recollections offered by visitors to the Los Angeles Almanac. The list is not exhaustive nor do we guarantee absolute accuracy. Information collected from personal recollections contributed may be imperfect. We will update and add any new exchange information as we come across them (or you tell us about them).

In order of community name

City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Adams District (Los Angeles) RE REpublic 73
Alhambra AT ATlantic 28
Alhambra B Black 2
Alhambra CU CUmberland 28
Alhambra F Farmers 3
Alhambra FA FArmers 32
Alhambra M Main 6
Alhambra MA MAin 62
Alhambra N North 6
Alhambra R Red 7
Alhambra S South 7
Alhambra S Suburban 7
Alhambra SU SUburban 78
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Altadena GI GIbson 44
Altadena LA LAurel 52
Altadena MU MUrray 68
Altadena ST STerling 78
Altadena SY SYcamore 79
Arcadia AT ATwater 28
Arcadia DO DOuglas 36
Arcadia EL Elgin 35
Arcadia HI HIllcrest 44
Arleta (Los Angeles) ST STate 78
Artesia TO TOrrey 86
Artesia UN UNderhill 86
Avalon ( Catalina Island ) AV AValon 28
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Azusa E Exchange 3
Azusa ED EDgewood 33
Azusa EX EXchange 39
Azusa FL FLeetwood 35
Azusa M Main 6
Azusa MA MAin 62
Azusa YO YOrktown 96
Baldwin Park ED EDgewood 33
Baldwin Park FL FLeetwood 35
Baldwin Park YO YOrktown 96
Bell SP SPruce 77
Bellflower ME MEtcalf 63
Bellflower TO TOrrey 86
Bellflower WA WAbash 92
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Beverly Hills BR BRadshaw 27
Beverly Hills BR BRighton 27
Beverly Hills CR CRestview 27
Beverly Hills CR CRestwood 27
Beverly Hills GR GRanite 47
Beverly Hills OL OLeander 65
Beverly Hills OL OLive 65
Beverly Hills OL OLympia 65
Beverly Hills TR TRemont 87
Beverly Hills WO WOodbury 96
Burbank CH CHarleston 24
Burbank PO ROckwell 76
Burbank ST STonewall 84
Burbank TH THornwall 84
Burbank VI VIctoria 84
Campo GR GRanite 47
Canoga Park (Los Angeles) DI DIamond 34
Canoga Park (Los Angeles) SU SUperior 78
Chatsworth (Los Angeles) DI DIckens 34
City of Industry YO YOrktown 96
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Claremont LY LYcoming 59
Claremont NA NAtional 62
Compton DA DAvis 32
Compton E Elftman 3
Compton EL ELftham 35
Compton M M 6
Compton M Main 6
Compton MA MAin 62
Compton ME MEtcalf 63
Compton NE NEvada 63
Compton NE NEwmark 63
Compton SP SPruce 77
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Covina E Exchange 3
Covina ED EDgewood 33
Covina EX EXchange 39
Covina FL FLeetwood 35
Covina M Main 6
Covina MA MAin 62
Covina YO YOrktown 96
Crenshaw (Los Angeles) AX AXminister 29
Culver City AR ARdmore 27
Culver City AS AShley 27
Culver City EX EXmont 39
Culver City SE SEquoia 73
Culver City TE TExas 83
Culver City TE VErmont 83
Culver City UP UPton 87
Culver City VE VErmont 83
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Diamond Bar LY LYcoming 59
Downey A A 2
Downey R R 7
Downey T Topaz 8
Downey TO TOpaz 86
Downey W Walnut 9
Downey WA WAlnut 92
Downtown Los Angeles MI MIchigan 64
Downtown Los Angeles TR TRinity 87
Duarte B Black 2
Duarte B Blue 2
Duarte BL BLack 25
Duarte BL BLue 25
Duarte E Exchange 3
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Duarte EL ELliot 35
Duarte EX EXchange 39
Duarte G Green 4
Duarte GR GReen 47
Duarte M Main 6
Duarte MA MAin 62
Duarte R Red 7
Duarte RE REd 73
Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) AL ALbany 25
East Los Angeles AN ANgelus 6
East Los Angeles AN Angelus 26
Edwards CL CLifford 25
El Monte BU BUdlong 28
El Monte FO FOrest 36
El Monte GI GIlbert 44
El Monte MU MUseum 68
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
El Segundo EA EAstgate 32
El Segundo MI MItchell 64
El Segundo MI NIagara 64
Encino (Los Angeles) DI DIamond 34
Gardena DA DAvis 32
Gardena FA FAculty 32
Gardena M M 6
Gardena M Main 6
Gardena M Moneta 6
Gardena MA MAin 62
Gardena ME MEnlo 63
Gardena MO MOneta 66
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Glendale CH CHapman 24
Glendale CH CHase 24
Glendale CH CHurchill 24
Glendale CI CItrus 24
Glendale DO DOuglas 36
Glendale F Farmers 3
Glendale FA FArmers 32
Glendale JA JAckson 52
Glendale KE KEnwood 53
Glendale TR TRopico 87
Glendora A Azusa 2
Glendora ED EDgewood 33
Glendora ED EDison 33
Glendora FL FLeetwood 35
Glendora M Main 6
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Glendora MA MAin 62
Glendora WO WOodward 96
Glendora YO YOrktown 96
Granada Hills (Los Angeles) EM EMpire 36
Hacienda Heights GE GErard 33
Hancock Park (Los Angeles) YO YOrk 96
Harbor City DA DAvenport 32
Hawthorne NI NIagara 64
Hawthorne OS OSborne 67
Hawthorne SP SPring 77
Hermosa Beach FR FRontier 37
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Hollywood ( Los Angeles ) GR GRanite 47
Hollywood ( Los Angeles ) HE HEmpstead 43
Hollywood ( Los Angeles ) HO HOllywood 46
Hollywood ( Los Angeles ) NO NOrmandie 66
Hollywood ( Los Angeles ) OL OLdfield 65
Hollywood ( Los Angeles ) RI RIchmond 74
Huntington Park DE DElaware 33
Huntington Park GA GArfield 42
Huntington Park JE JEfferson 53
Huntington Park KI KImball 54
Huntington Park LA LAfayette 52
Huntington Park LO LOgan 56
Huntington Park LU LUcas 58
Huntington Park LU LUdlow 58
Huntington Park MA MAdison 62
Huntington Park MI MIdland 64
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Inglewood M Main 6
Inglewood MA MAin 62
Inglewood OR ORchard 67
Inglewood OR ORegon 67
Inglewood OS OSborne 67
Inglewood PL PLymouth 75
La Cañada Flintridge ST STerling 78
La Cañada Flintridge SY SYlvan 79
La Crescenta CH CHurchill 24
La Puente ED EDgewood 33
La Puente ED EDison 33
La Puente FL FLeetwood 35
La Puente M Main 6
La Puente MA MAin 62
La Puente YO YOrktown 96
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
La Verne LY LYcoming 59
Lakewood GA GArfield 42
Lakewood HA HArrison 42
Lancaster M Main 6
Lancaster MA MAin 62
Lancaster WH WHitehall 94
Leimert Park (Los Angeles) AX AXminister 29
Lomita DA DAkota 32
Lomita DA DAvenport 32
Lomita FR FRontier 37
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Long Beach GA GArfield 42
Long Beach GE GEneva 43
Long Beach H H 4
Long Beach HA HArrison 42
Long Beach HE HEmlock 43
Long Beach M Main 6
Long Beach MA MAin 62
Long Beach NE NEwmark 63
Long Beach S Suburban 7
Long Beach S Sunset 7
Long Beach SU SUburban 78
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles A A 1
Los Angeles A Adams 2
Los Angeles A Alta 2
Los Angeles A Ardmore 2
Los Angeles AD ADams 23
Los Angeles AN ANgelus 26
Los Angeles AR ARizona 27
Los Angeles AS AShley 27
Los Angeles AT ATlantic 28
Los Angeles AX AXridge 29
Los Angeles B Beverly Hills 2
Los Angeles B Black 2
Los Angeles B Blue 2
Los Angeles B Boyle 2
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles B Boyle Heights 2
Los Angeles B Broadway 2
Los Angeles B Brown 2
Los Angeles BE BEacon 23
Los Angeles BL BLanchard 25
Los Angeles BO BOyle 26
Los Angeles BR BRadshaw 27
Los Angeles BR BRoadway 27
Los Angeles C Chicago 2
Los Angeles C China 2
Los Angeles C Chinatown 2
Los Angeles C Culver City 2
Los Angeles CA CApital 22
Los Angeles CA CApitol 22
Los Angeles CE CEntury 23
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles CH CHapman 24
Los Angeles CH CHarleston 24
Los Angeles CH CHicago 24
Los Angeles CH CHina 24
Los Angeles CH CHinatown 24
Los Angeles CL CLeveland 25
Los Angeles CR CReston 27
Los Angeles CU CUmberland 28
Los Angeles D Daly 3
Los Angeles D Dunkirk 3
Los Angeles DA DAvis 32
Los Angeles DE DElaware 33
Los Angeles DR DRexel 37
Los Angeles DU DUnkirk 38
Los Angeles E East 3
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles E Ellis 3
Los Angeles E Empire 3
Los Angeles EA EAst 32
Los Angeles EA EAstgate 32
Los Angeles EL ELliot 35
Los Angeles EM EMpire 36
Los Angeles EX EXmont 39
Los Angeles EX EXposition 39
Los Angeles F F 3
Los Angeles F Flora 3
Los Angeles F F 6
Los Angeles FA FAber 32
Los Angeles FA FAculty 32
Los Angeles FA FAirfax 32
Los Angeles FE FEderal 33
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles FI FItzroy 34
Los Angeles G Garramore 4
Los Angeles G Granite 4
Los Angeles G Green 4
Los Angeles GA GArfield 42
Los Angeles GL GLadstone 45
Los Angeles GR GRanite 47
Los Angeles H Hempstead 4
Los Angeles H Holly 4
Los Angeles H Hollywood 4
Los Angeles HI HIllside 44
Los Angeles HO HOlly 46
Los Angeles HU HUbbard 48
Los Angeles HU HUdson 48
Los Angeles HU HUmboldt 48
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles HU HUntley 48
Los Angeles HY HYperion 49
Los Angeles I Ivy 4
Los Angeles J Jefferson 5
Los Angeles K Kingsley 5
Los Angeles L Lincoln 5
Los Angeles LO LOgan 56
Los Angeles LU LUcas 58
Los Angeles LU LUdlow 58
Los Angeles M Macy 6
Los Angeles M Main 6
Los Angeles M Montebello 6
Los Angeles MA MAdison 62
Los Angeles MA MAin 62
Los Angeles ME MEtropolitan 63
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles MI MIdland 64
Los Angeles MI MIssion 64
Los Angeles MO MOrningside 66
Los Angeles MU MUrdock 68
Los Angeles MU MUrray 68
Los Angeles MU MUseum 68
Los Angeles MU MUtual 68
Los Angeles N Normandie 6
Los Angeles NE NEwmark 63
Los Angeles NO NOrmandie 66
Los Angeles O Occidental 6
Los Angeles O Olive 6
Los Angeles OL OLdfield 65
Los Angeles OL OLeander 65
Los Angeles OL OLive 65
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles OL OLympia 65
Los Angeles OL OLympic 65
Los Angeles OR ORegon 67
Los Angeles P Park 7
Los Angeles P Pico 7
Los Angeles P Prospect 7
Los Angeles PA PArkway 72
Los Angeles PI PIco 74
Los Angeles PL PLaza 75
Los Angeles PL PLeasant 75
Los Angeles (South Los Angeles 90047) PL PLymouth 75
Los Angeles Q Quincy 7
Los Angeles R Ramona 7
Los Angeles R Red 7
Los Angeles RA RAymond 72
Los Angeles RI RIchmond 3
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles RO ROchester 76
Los Angeles S South 7
Los Angeles S Suburban 7
Los Angeles SO SOuth 76
Los Angeles SP SPring 77
Los Angeles SP SPruce 77
Los Angeles T Temple 8
Los Angeles T Terminal 8
Los Angeles TE TEmple 83
Los Angeles TE TExas 83
Los Angeles TH THornwall 84
Los Angeles TR TRemont 87
Los Angeles TR TRiangle 87
Los Angeles TR TRinity 87
Los Angeles TU TUcker 88
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles TW TWinoaks 89
Los Angeles U Union 8
Los Angeles U University 8
Los Angeles UC UC 82
Los Angeles UL* ULrich 85
Los Angeles UN UNderhill 86
Los Angeles UN UNiversity 86
Los Angeles UP UPton 87
Los Angeles V Vermont 8
Los Angeles V Vernon 8
Los Angeles VA VAndike 82
Los Angeles VE VErmont 83
Los Angeles VI VIctoria 84
Los Angeles W Watts 9
Los Angeles W West 9
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Angeles W Westlake 9
Los Angeles W White 9
Los Angeles W Wilshire 9
Los Angeles WA WAlnut 92
Los Angeles WA WAshington 92
Los Angeles WA WAtts 92
Los Angeles WE WEbster 93
Los Angeles WE WEst 93
Los Angeles WE WEstmore 93
Los Angeles WH WHitney 94
Los Angeles WI WIlshire 94
Los Angeles WO WOodbury 96
Los Angeles WY WYoming 99
Los Angeles Y Yale 9
Los Angeles (Eagle Rock) CL CLinton 25
Los Angeles (Wilmington) NE NEvada 63
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Los Feliz (Los Angeles) NO NOrmandie 66
Malibu GL GLenwood 45
Malibu GL GLobe 45
Manhattan Beach FR FRontier 37
Mar Vista (Los Angeles) EX EXbrook 39
Mar Vista (Los Angeles) EX EXmont 39
Monrovia B Black 2
Monrovia B Blue 2
Monrovia BL BLack 25
Monrovia BL BLue 25
Monrovia EL ELliot 35
Monrovia G Green 4
Monrovia GR GReen 47
Monrovia M Main 6
Monrovia MA MAin 62
Monrovia R Red 7
Monrovia RE REd 73
Monrovia S Suburban 7
Monrovia SU SUburban 78
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Montebello OV OVerbrook 68
Montebello PA PArkview 72
Montebello RA RAymond 72
Montebello UN UNderhill 86
Montebello UN UNion 86
Monterey Park AN ANgelus 26
Monterey Park AT ATlantic 28
Monterey Park CU CUmberland 29
Monterey Park PA PAcific 72
Monterey Park RA RAymond 72
Montrose CH CHurchill 24
Mount Wilson HI HIlltop 44
North Hills (Los Angeles) EM EMpire 36
North Hollywood (Los Angeles) PO POplar 76
North Hollywood (Los Angeles) RO ROgers 76
North Hollywood (Los Angeles) ST STanley 78
North Hollywood (Los Angeles) SU SUnset 78
North Hollywood (Los Angeles) TR TRiangle 87
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Northridge (Los Angeles) DI DIckens 34
Northridge (Los Angeles) DI DIxon 34
Northridge (Los Angeles) EM EMpire 36
Norwalk M Main 6
Norwalk MA MAin 62
Norwalk TO TOrrey 86
Norwalk UN UNderhill 86
Norwalk UN UNion 86
Norwalk UN UNiversity 86
Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles) GL GLadstone 45
Pacoima (Los Angeles) EL ELmwood 35
Pacoima (Los Angeles) EM EMpire 36
Palmdale WI WIndsor 94
Palos Verdes Estates FR FRontier 37
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Paramount C Clerwater 2
Paramount CL CLearwater 25
Paramount H Hynes 4
Paramount HY HYnes 49
Paramount ME Metcalf 3
Paramount ME MEnlo 63
Pasadena B Black 2
Pasadena C Colorado 2
Pasadena CO COlorado 26
Pasadena CU CUster 28
Pasadena F Fair Oak 3
Pasadena FA FAir Oak 32
Pasadena GI GIbson 44
Pasadena HI HIlltop 44
Pasadena M Main 6
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Pasadena MA MAin 62
Pasadena MU MUrray 68
Pasadena R Red 7
Pasadena RY RYan 79
Pasadena S Sterling 7
Pasadena S Suburban 7
Pasadena ST STerling 78
Pasadena SU SUburban 78
Pasadena SY SYcamore 79
Pasadena T Terrace 8
Pasadena TE TErrace 83
Pasadena W Wakefield 9
Pasadena WA WAkefield 92
Pasadena (Hastings Ranch) EL ELgin 35
Pearblossom WI WIndsor 94
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Pico Rivera OX OXford 69
Pico Rivera R R 6
Pico Rivera R R 7
Pomona B Black 2
Pomona BL BLack 25
Pomona E Exchange 3
Pomona EX EXchange 39
Pomona LY LYcoming 59
Pomona M Main 6
Pomona MA MAin 62
Pomona NA NAtional 62
Pomona R Red 7
Pomona RE REd 73
Pomona S Suburban 7
Pomona SU SUburban 78
Quartz Hill WH WHitehall 94
Rancho Palos Verdes FR FRontier 37
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Redondo Beach FA FAirfax 31
Redondo Beach FR FRontier 37
Redondo Beach M Main 6
Redondo Beach MA MAin 62
Redondo Beach S Suburban 7
Redondo Beach SU SUburban 78
Reseda (Los Angeles) DI DIckens 34
Reseda (Los Angeles) RU RUgby 78
Rosemead AT ATlantic 28
Rosemead ox OXford 69
San Dimas LY LYcoming 59
San Dimas M Main 6
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
San Fernando B Black 2
San Fernando B Blue 2
San Fernando BL BLack 25
San Fernando BL BLue 25
San Fernando EM EMpire 36
San Fernando G Green 4
San Fernando GR GReen 47
San Fernando M Main 6
San Fernando MA MAin 62
San Fernando R Red 7
San Fernando RE REd 73
San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) EM EMpire 36
San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) ST STate 78
San Gabriel AT ATlantic 28
San Gabriel M Main 6
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
San Pedro (Los Angeles) B Beacon 2
San Pedro (Los Angeles) BE BEacon 23
San Pedro (Los Angeles) H Harbor 4
San Pedro (Los Angeles) HA HArbor 42
San Pedro (Los Angeles) M Main 6
San Pedro (Los Angeles) MA MAin 62
San Pedro (Los Angeles) S Suburban 7
San Pedro (Los Angeles) SU SUburban 78
San Pedro (Los Angeles) TE TErminal 83
Santa Clarita M Main 6
Santa Clarita MA MAin 2
Santa Monica EX EXbrook 39
Santa Monica GL GLadstone 45
Santa Monica M Main 6
Santa Monica MA MAin 62
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) ST STanley 78
Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) ST STate 78
Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) TR TRiangle 87
Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) UL ULrich 85
Sierra Madre A A 2
Sierra Madre B Black 2
Sierra Madre B Blue 2
Sierra Madre BL BLack 25
Sierra Madre BL BLue 25
Sierra Madre CU CUster 28
Sierra Madre E Exchange 3
Sierra Madre EL ELgin 35
Sierra Madre EX EXchange 39
Sierra Madre G Green 4
Sierra Madre GR GReen 47
Sierra Madre R Red 7
Sierra Madre RE REd 73
Sierra Madre S Suburban 7
Sierra Madre SU SUburban 78
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Signal Hill GA GArfield 42
South Gate LO LOgan 56
South Gate LO LOrraine 56
South Gate LU LUcas 58
South Gate NE NEvada 63
South Los Angeles AX AXminister 29
South Los Angeles PL PLymouth 75
South Pasadena EL ELliot 35
South Pasadena HU HUdson 48
South Pasadena MU MUrray 68
South Pasadena PY PYramid 79
South Pasadena RY RYan 79
South Pasadena SY SYcamore 79
South Pasadena WA WAkefield 92
Studio City (Los Angeles) PO POplar 76
Studio City (Los Angeles) ST STate 78
Studio City (Los Angeles) SU SUnset 78
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Sun Valley (Los Angeles) CH CHase 24
Sun Valley (Los Angeles) PO POplar 76
Sun Valley (Los Angeles) RO ROgers 76
Sunland (Los Angeles) FL FLorida 35
Sylmar (Los Angeles) EM EMpire 36
Tarzana (Los Angeles) DI DIckens 34
Temple City AT ATlantic 28
Temple City GI GIlbert 44
Terminal Island (Los Angeles) TE TErminal 83
Topanga GL GLadstone 45
Torrance DA DAvenport 32
Torrance DA DAvis 32
Torrance FA FAirfax 32
Torrance FR FRontier 37
Tujunga (Los Angeles) Fl FLorida 35
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Van Nuys (Los Angeles) DI DIckens 34
Van Nuys (Los Angeles) ST STanley 78
Van Nuys (Los Angeles) ST STate 78
Van Nuys (Los Angeles) SU SUnset 78
Van Nuys (Los Angeles) TR TRiangle 87
Venice (Los Angeles) EX EXbrook 39
West Covina ED EDgewood 33
West Covina ED EDward 33
West Hollywood OL OLdfield 65
West Hollywood OL OLive 65
West Hollywood TR TRiangle 87
West Los Angeles AR ARizona 27
West Los Angeles BR BRighton 27
West Los Angeles CR CRestview 27
West Los Angeles EX EXbrook 39
West Los Angeles GR GRanite 47
West Los Angeles TR TRemont 87
Westchester (Los Angeles) OR ORchard 67
City Exchange Letters Exchange Name Number
Whittier E Exchange 3
Whittier EX EXchange 39
Whittier M Main 6
Whittier MA MAin 62
Whittier OW OWen 69
Whittier OX OXbow 69
Whittier OX OXford 69
Whittier R R 7
Whittier S Suburban 7
Whittier SU SUburban 78
Whittier W W 4
Whittier W W 9
Whittier W 1 W 1 41
Whittier W 1 W 1 91
Whittier W 2 W 2 42
Whittier W 2 W 2 92
Whittier WH WHitney 94
Whittier WH WHittier 94
Wilmington (Los Angeles) SP SPruce 77
Wilmington (Los Angeles) TE TErminal 83
Woodland Hills (Los Angeles) DI DIamond 34

* UL or ULrich - A correspondant reported to us that "ULrich" was for dialing up the time of day. Any five numbers could be dailed after "UL" to hear a recording that offered the time, "At the tone, the time will be three twenty-five and thirty seconds." The time was updated every ten seconds.