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Los Angeles County

Zip Codes 90001 to 90899

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Zip Code Cities/Communities
90001 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles), Florence-Graham
90002 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles, Watts)
90003 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles)
90004 Los Angeles (Hancock Park, Rampart Village, Virgil Village, Wilshire Center, Windsor Square)
90005 Los Angeles (Hancock Park, Koreatown, Wilshire Center, Wilshire Park, Windsor Square)
90006 Los Angeles (Byzantine-Latino Quarter, Harvard Heights, Koreatown, Pico Heights)
90007 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles, Univerity Park)
90008 Los Angeles (Baldwin Hills, Crenshaw, Leimert Park)
90009 Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport PO Boxes)
90010 Los Angeles (Hancock Park, Wilshire Center, Windsor Square)
90011 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles)
90012 Los Angeles (Downtown Civic Center, Chinatown, Arts District, Bunker Hill, Historic Core, Little Tokyo)
90013 Los Angeles (Downtown Central, Downtown Fashion District)
90014 Los Angeles (Downtown Historic Core, Arts District)
90015 Los Angeles (Dowtown Fashion District, South Park-South)
90016 Los Angeles (West Adams)
90017 Los Angeles (Downtown Bunker Hill, City West, South Park-North)
90018 Los Angeles (Jefferson Park, Leimert Park)
90019 Los Angeles (Arlington Heights, Country Club Park, Mid-City)
90020 Los Angeles (Hancock Park, Western Wilton, Wilshire Center, Windsor Square)
90021 Los Angeles (Downtown Fashion District, Downtown Southeast)
90022 East Los Angeles
90023 Los Angeles (Boyle Heights), Commerce, East Los Angeles
90024 Los Angeles (Westwood)
90025 Los Angeles (Sawtelle, West Los Angeles)
90026 Los Angeles (Echo Park, Silver Lake)
90027 Los Angeles (Griffith Park, Hollywood, Los Feliz)
90028 Los Angeles (Hollywood)
90029 Los Angeles (East Hollywood)
90030 Los Angeles (Chinatown PO Boxes)
90031 Los Angeles (Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights)
90032 Los Angeles (El Sereno, Monterey Hills, University Hills)
90033 Los Angeles (Boyle Heights)
90034 Los Angeles (Palms)
90035 Los Angeles (West Fairfax)
90036 Los Angeles (Fairfax, Melrose, Miracle Mile, Park La Brea, Wilshire-La Brea)
90037 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles)
90038 Los Angeles (Hollywood)
90039 Los Angeles (Atwater Village, Elysian Valley, Silver Lake)
90040 Commerce, City of
90041 Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
90042 Los Angeles (Highland Park)
90043 Los Angeles (Hyde Park, View Park, Windsor Hills)
90044 Athens, Los Angeles (South Los Angeles)
90045 Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport, Westchester)
90046 Los Angeles (Hollywood), West Hollywood
90047 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles)
90048 Los Angeles (Mid-City West), West Hollywood
90049 Los Angeles (Bel Air Estates, Brentwood)
90050 Los Angeles (Highland Park PO Boxes)
90051 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles PO Boxes)
90052 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles PO Boxes)
90053 Los Angeles (Downtown Civic Center PO Boxes)
90054 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles PO Boxes)
90055 Los Angeles (Downtown Fashion District PO Boxes)
90056 Ladera Heights, Los Angeles (Westchester)
90057 Los Angeles (Westlake)
90058 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles), Vernon
90059 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles, Watts), Willowbrook
90060 Los Angeles (Watts PO Boxes)
90061 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles)
90062 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles)
90063 City Terrace, Los Angeles (Boyle Heights)
90064 Los Angeles (Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park)
90065 Los Angeles (Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Mt Washington)
90066 Culver City, Los Angeles (Mar Vista)
90067 Los Angeles (Century City)
90068 Los Angeles (Hollywood)
90069 Los Angeles (Hollywood, Melrose), West Hollywood
90070 Los Angeles (Wilshire Center PO Boxes)
90071 Los Angeles (Downtown Bunker Hill, City West, Historic Core, South Park-North)
90072 Los Angeles (Hollywood PO Boxes)
90073 Veterans Administration
90074 Los Angeles (Bank of America)
90075 Los Angeles (Wilshire Center PO Boxes)
90076 Los Angeles (Wilshire Center PO Boxes)
90077 Los Angeles (Bel Air Estates, Beverly Glen)
90078 Los Angeles (Hollywood PO Boxes)
90079 Los Angeles (Downtown Central, Downtown Fashion District)
90080 Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport PO Boxes)
90081 Los Angeles (Downtown Bunker Hill PO Boxes)
90082 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles PO Boxes)
90083 Los Angeles (Westchester PO Boxes)
90084 Los Angeles (Wells Fargo)
90086 Los Angeles (Downtown Terminal Annex PO Boxes)
90087 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles PO Boxes)
90088 Los Angeles (Wells Fargo)
90089 Los Angeles (University of Southern California)
90090 Formerly used by the Los Angeles Dodgers - now retired from active use.
90091 Commerce (PO Boxes)
90093 Los Angeles (Hollywood PO Boxes)
90094 Los Angeles (Playa Vista)
90095 Los Angeles (University of California Los Angeles)
90096 Bell (Shared Firms)
90099 Los Angeles (Bar Code Terminal Annex)
90103 Los Angeles (Rodale Press)
90189 Los Angeles (Citibank)
90201 Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy
90202 Bell, Bell Gardens (PO Boxes)
90209 Beverly Hills (PO Boxes)
90210 Los Angeles (Beverly Crest), Beverly Hills
90211 Beverly Hills
90212 Beverly Hills
90213 Beverly Hills (PO Boxes)
90220 Compton, Rancho Dominguez
90221 Compton, East Rancho Dominguez
90222 Compton, Rosewood, Willowbrook
90223 Compton (PO Boxes)
90224 Compton, Rancho Dominguez(PO Boxes)
90230 Culver City, Los Angeles (Mar Vista)
90231 Culver City (PO Boxes)
90232 Culver City
90233 Culver City (PO Boxes)
90239 Downey (PO Boxes)
90240 Downey
90241 Downey
90242 Downey
90245 El Segundo
90247 Gardena
90248 Gardena, Los Angeles (Harbor Gateway),
90249 Gardena
90250 Hawthorne (Holly Park)
90251 Hawthorne (PO Boxes)
90254 Hermosa Beach
90255 Huntington Park, Walnut Park
90260 Lawndale
90261 Lawndale Federal Bldg
90262 Lynwood
90263 Malibu (Pepperdine University)
90264 Malibu (PO Boxes)
90265 Malibu
90266 Manhattan Beach
90267 Manhattan Beach (PO Boxes)
90270 Bell, Maywood
90272 Los Angeles (Castellemare, Pacific Highlands, Pacific Palisades, Topanga State Park)
90274 Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates
90275 Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates
90277 Redondo Beach, Torrance
90278 Redondo Beach, Torrance
90280 South Gate
90290 Topanga, Los Angeles (Tarzana, Woodland Hills)
90291 Los Angeles (Venice)
90292 Los Angeles (Marina Peninsula), Marina del Rey
90293 Los Angeles (Playa del Rey)
90294 Los Angeles (Venice PO Boxes)
90295 Marina del Rey (PO Boxes)
90296 Los Angeles (Playa del Rey PO Boxes)
90301 Inglewood
90302 Inglewood
90303 Inglewood
90304 Inglewood, Lennox
90305 Inglewood
90306 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90307 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90308 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90309 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90310 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90311 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90312 Inglewood (PO Boxes)
90313 Inglewood (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90397 Inglewood (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90398 Inglewood (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90401 Santa Monica (Downtown)
90402 Santa Monica, Los Angeles (Rustic Canyon)
90403 Santa Monica
90404 Santa Monica
90405 Santa Monica (Ocean Park, Santa Monica Airport, Sunpark)
90406 Santa Monica (PO Boxes)
90407 Santa Monica (PO Boxes)
90408 Santa Monica (PO Boxes)
90409 Santa Monica (PO Boxes)
90410 Santa Monica (PO Boxes)
90411 Santa Monica (PO Boxes)
90501 Torrance, Los Angeles (Harbor Gateway)
90502 Los Angeles (Harbor Gateway), West Carson
90503 Torrance
90504 Torrance
90505 Torrance
90506 Torrance (El Camino College)
90507 Torrance (PO Boxes)
90508 Torrance (PO Boxes)
90509 Torrance (PO Boxes)
90510 Torrance (PO Boxes)
90601 City of Industry, Whittier
90602 Whittier
90603 Whittier
90604 East La Mirada, South Whittier,
90605 South Whittier, Whittier
90606 Los Nietos, West Whittier
90607 Whittier (PO Boxes)
90608 Whittier (PO Boxes)
90609 Whittier (Whittwood PO Boxes)
90610 Whittier (Los Nietos PO Boxes)
90612 Whittier (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90631 La Habra Heights (Portion in LA County)
90637 La Mirada (PO Boxes)
90638 La Mirada
90639 La Mirada (Biola University)
90640 Montebello
90650 Norwalk
90651 Norwalk (PO Boxes)
90652 Norwalk (PO Boxes)
90659 Norwalk (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90660 Pico Rivera
90661 Pico Rivera (PO Boxes)
90662 Pico Rivera (PO Boxes)
90670 Santa Fe Springs
90671 Santa Fe Springs (PO Boxes)
90701 Artesia
90702 Artesia (PO Boxes)
90703 Cerritos
90704 Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Two Harbors (PO Boxes)
90706 Bellflower
90707 Bellflower (PO Boxes)
90710 Los Angeles (Harbor City), West Carson
90711 Lakewood (PO Boxes)
90712 Lakewood
90713 Lakewood
90714 Lakewood (PO Boxes)
90715 Lakewood
90716 Hawaiian Gardens
90717 Lomita
90723 Paramount
90731 Los Angeles (San Pedro, Harbor City, Terminal Island)
90732 Los Angeles (San Pedro), Rancho Palos Verdes
90733 Los Angeles (San Pedro PO Boxes)
90734 Los Angeles (San Pedro PO Boxes)
90744 Los Angeles (Wilmington)
90745 Carson
90746 Carson
90747 Carson (California State Univ Dominguez Hills)
90748 Los Angeles (Wilmington PO Boxes)
90749 Carson (PO Boxes)
90755 Signal Hill
90801 Long Beach (PO Boxes)
90802 Long Beach
90803 Long Beach (Belmont Shore, Marina, Naples)
90804 Long Beach (East Long Beach)
90805 Long Beach (North Long Beach)
90806 Long Beach
90807 Long Beach (Bixby Knolls)
90808 Long Beach
90809 Long Beach (PO Boxes)
90810 Long Beach, Los Angeles (Wilmington)
90813 Long Beach
90814 Long Beach
90815 Long Beach
90822 Long Beach
90831 Long Beach (World Trade Center)
90832 Long Beach (World Trade Center PO Boxes)
90833 Long Beach (World Trade Center)
90834 Long Beach (Non-Geographic Zip Code Within 90802)
90835 Long Beach (World Trade Center)
90840 Long Beach (California State Univ Long Beach)
90842 Long Beach (Dept. of Gas & Water)
90844 Long Beach (Press Telegram)
90845 Long Beach (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90846 Long Beach (Boeing)
90847 Long Beach (AARP)
90848 Long Beach (AARP Pharmacy)
90853 Long Beach (Belmont Shore PO Boxes)
90888 Long Beach (Single Location High Volume Mail Receiver)
90895 Carson (Lakeshore Learning)
90899 Long Beach (LA International Service Center)

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