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Dodgers Logos 1938 Through Present

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Dodgers logo changes, 1938-2012. Dodger logo images are copyrighted and registered trademarks under U.S. law., but are featured here, in low resolution, under "fair use" provisions of U.S. copyright law for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research.

Before 1938, the Dodgers, then based in Brooklyn, New York, used a stylized letter "B" as their club logo. In 1938, the club began spelling out their team name in stylized script in their logo. In 1945, the club altered the script and added a flying baseball with streaming lines. Upon the Dodgers' move to Los Angeles in 1958, the club again made changes to the script and the flying baseball, removing the stitching in the ball. Since the 1958 logo change, the Dodgers have altered the logo another four times, thickening, then thinning the script, darkening, then lightening the script color, and thinning, then re-thickening the flying baseball and lines. In the club's latest logo change in 2012, the flying baseball and lines were re-thickened and the script color was lightened. In the script font, the letters "D" and "e" were also subtly altered.

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