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Los Angeles County Population
vs. State Populations

States With Larger Populations Than Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County would rank eleventh in population among the 50 U.S. states, following only the states of California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan. Geographically, it is larger (land area: 4,058 square miles) than the states of Rhode Island (land area: 1,212 square miles; pop: 1.1 million) and Delaware (2,489 square miles; pop: 1 million). Economically, Los Angeles County has a larger economic Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than all but five U.S. states (California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois).

Los Angeles County's Population Ranked Among 20 Most Populous U.S. States

Based on U.S. Census 2021 Population Estimates*

State Population (2021 Census Estimate*)
California 39,455,353
Texas 28,862,581
Florida 21,339,762
New York 20,114,745
Pennsylvania 12,970,650
Illinois 12,821,813
Ohio 11,769,923
Georgia 10,625,615
North Carolina 10,367,022
Michigan 10,062,512
New Jersey 9,234,024
Virginia 8,582,479
Washington 7,617,364
Arizona 7,079,203
Massachusetts 6,991,852
Tennessee 6,859,497
Indiana 6,751,340
Maryland 6,148,545
Missouri 6,141,534
Wisconsin 5,871,661

* U.S. Census estimates based upon data and surveys collected by the American Community Survey over the preceding five-year period. These estimates are issued annually between full Dicennial Census counts conducted each decade.

† Includes the population of Los Angeles County

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Los Angeles County as a State