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Los Angeles: An Expensive City in Which to Live

Los Angeles

View of Downtown Los Angeles at night. Photo by 12019, via Pixabay.com.

According to the Numbeo.com Cost of Living Index by City, Los Angeles, mid-year in 2021, ranked 77th among the most expensive cities in the world in which to live. Among the 87 U.S cities in their survey, Los Angeles ranked ranked 16th. Those California cities surveyed to be more expensive than Los Angeles were Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, and Irvine. Los Angeles is about 25 percent less expensive than top-ranking U.S. city Honolulu, Hawaii, but almost 50 percent more expensive than lowest-ranking U.S. city El Paso, Texas.

Numbeo’s survey looks at the cost of housing, groceries, restaurants, and local purchasing power. The 2021 index is for mid-year 2021.

Top 25 Most Expensive U.S. Cities, 2021

Ranked from most expensive. Rank number is where it ranks among all cities in the world.

14. Honolulu, Hawaii
15. New York, New York
17. Santa Barbara, California
19. San Francisco, California
22. Anchorage, Alaska
23. Oakland, California
26. Boston, Massachusetts
31. Seattle, Washington
32. Queens, New York
44. Washington, D.C.
59. Minneapolis, Minnesota
65. Irvine, California
67. Charleston, South Carolina
69. Jersey City, New Jersey
71. Saint Paul, Minnesota
77. Los Angeles, California
81. Asheville, North Carolina
83. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
86. Miami, Florida
88. Chicago, Illinois
90. Portland, Oregon
94. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
105. Sacramento, California
112. Atlanta, Georgia
114. Cleveland, Ohio

Source: Numbeo.com