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City of Los Angeles

3rd Edition

Completely updated with additional neighborhood research resulting in dozens of additional City of Los Angeles neighborhoods added to this new edition. Also includes locations (with index) of dozens of City of Los Angeles historic and cultural landmarks. Fully colorized wall map featuring not only neighborhood boundaries (and adjacent city boundaries) but also streets, highways, and waterways that serve as neighborhood boundaries.

Art Poster Map
City of Los Angeles Neighborhoods


This art poster map also displays the neighborhoods of the City of Los Angeles, but, rather for display and fun. It is the only poster map clearly showing the delineations of City of Los Angeles neighborhoods.

City of Los Angeles
5-Digit ZIP CODE Wall Map


Fully colorized and laminated (for write-on/wipe off) wall map featuring all 5-digit ZIP codes and boundaries wholly or partially contained within the City of Los Angeles. Also features all highways, streets and waterways serving as ZIP code boundaries.

Los Angeles County
Wall Map


This fully colorized and laminated wall map covers the entire County of Los Angeles, featuring all 88 cities, more than 100 unincorporated communities, highways, water bodies, and even the mountain peaks of the Angeles National Forest.

Photo image above courtesy of TPSDave & Pixabay.com.