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Seasonal Rainfall (Precipitation)

Pasadena, California

Visitors to Castle Green Open House, Pasadena

Visitors to a Castle Green Open House in Pasadena on a rainy day. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

For monthly rainfall data for previous seasons, see Pasadena Monthly Rainfall Each Season since 1906

Why our “Rainfall Season” is different than that of the National Weather Service

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Current Season Rainfall-to-Date - Downtown Los Angeles
Current Season Rainfall-to-Date - Los Angeles International Airport
Current Season Rainfall-to-Date - Burbank
Current Season Rainfall-to-Date - Lancaster
Current Season Rainfall-to-Date - Long Beach
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NOTE: When most weather reporting sources cite weather in Los Angeles (without specifying where, exactly, in Los Angeles), these numbers are typically for the Downtown Los Angeles weather station (actually located on the USC campus).

February 2020 Rainfall-to-Date

Note: Reporting of daily rainfall data for this station from the National Weather Service may be delayed for up to a week or more. The latest available data is through Feb. 10. The nearest weather station in the San Gabriel Valley, providing regular up-to-date data, is Santa Fe Dam, just 10 miles aways.

Rainfall measured in inches

Date (February) Rainfall Measured for Day Month's Accumulated Rainfall Measured
10 0.96 0.96

2019-2020 Rainfall Season-to-Date

Rainfall measured in inches

Month Rainfall Measured Rainfall Season-To-Date Monthly Normal** Monthly Departure From Normal Season-to-Date Departure From Season-to-Date Normal*
July 2019 0.01 0.01 0.05 -0.04 -0.04
August 2019 0.00 0.00 0.11 -0.11 -0.15
September 2019 0.01 0.02 0.41 -0.40 -0.55
October 2019 0.00 0.02 1.01 -1.01 -1.56
November 2019 2.55 2.57 1.50 +1.05 -0.51
December 2019 6.82 9.39 3.13 +3.69 +3.18
Month Rainfall Measured Rainfall Season-To-Date Monthly Normal** Monthly Departure From Normal Season-to-Date Departure From Season-to-Date Normal**
January 2020 0.12 9.51 4.54 -4.42 -1.24
February 2020 Pending Pending 5.12 Pending Pending
March 2020 Pending Pending 3.38 Pending Pending
April 2020 Pending Pending 1.37 Pending Pending
May 2020 Pending Pending 0.40 Pending Pending
June 2020 Pending Pending 0.22 Pending Pending

** Normals here are typically National Centers For Environmental Information data used by the National Weather Service, based upon averages for rainfall seasons 1981 through 2010 (to be updated in 2020). The total season normal is 21.24 inches.
*** Data for this station are typically delayed for 24 hours or more, therefore, data here may be incomplete. Any update will be made upon the release of all data for the month.

Source: National Weather Service Forecast Office, Los Angeles/Oxnard