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Los Angeles Unified School District
by the Numbers

 LAUSD Children

Children in class. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Total enrollment, student racial percentages, and number of schools are for the 2023-2024 school year, unless otherwise noted.

Total graded student enrollment, TK-12. As large a number as this is, the district's peak enrollment was 747,009 in the 2003-2004 school year.

Rank among largest school districts in the nation. LAUSD is only second to the New York City Department of Education.

Percent of pupils who are Latino.

Racial/Ethnic Group of Pupils Percent
Latino 73.8%
White 9.6%
African American 7.1%
Asian 3.3%
Multi-Race 2.8%
Filipino 1.6%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 1.6%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 1.5%
Not Reported Less than 1%

Schools, Diversity

Three boys at school. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Percent of teachers who are Latino.

Racial/Ethnic Group of Teachers Percent
Latino 48.0%
White 29.2%
Asian 9.3%
Black/African American 7.9%
Filipino 3.0%
Multi-Race 1.6%
American Indian/Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian Less than 1%
Pacific Islander Less than 1%
Not Reported Less than 1%

Number of different languages spoken by students, including English (2022-2023). The district offers dual language programs in Arabic, Armenian, French, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. In addition to these languages, it also offers World Languages and Cultures courses in American Sign Language, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Filipino and Russian.

Languages, Culture, LAUSD

Girls celebrate Korean culture. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Students who are English language learners. Mostly, these are Spanish-speakers (92%), however, they also include Armenian, Korean, Russian, Pilipino or Tagalog, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Bengali, Hebrew, and more than 77 other languages (2022-2023).

High school graduation rate (from a cohort of students over their four years of high school) (2022-2023).

Number of high school graduates in one school year (2022-2023).

High School, Graduates, LAUSD

LAUSD high school graduates. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Number of Individual Schools. Among these are 434 elementary schools, 77 middle schools, 86 senior high schools, and 67 magnet schools.

LAUSD, Music

Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Number of K-12 independent charter schools. There are 108,702 students enrolled at these schools. The district also offers more than 100 additional magnet programs.

Number of K-12 Teachers. There are also 791 adult education teachers and 570 early education teachers. LAUSD teachers account for about 44% of all public school teachers in Los Angeles County.

Teacher, LAUSD

LAUSD teacher with student. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Students per Teacher.

Percent of teachers fully credentialed and teaching classes for which they are credentialed (2021-2022).

LAUSD, Medicine, Anatomy, Class

Students in a magnet anatomy class. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Number of administrative and support staff. Among these are 6,305 certified support staff (including counselors), 2,973 administrators, 1,780 teaching assistants, 6,896 substitutes, and 31,633 classified staff (such as clerical, custodial, technicians, drivers, etc.).

Percent of students eligible for free or reduced priced meals (2022-2023).

School Food, LAUSD

Meals for LAUSD students. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

Total district revenue (including interfund transfers). Of this, 17% is from Federal funds. The general fund absorbs $10.6 billion, covering personnel costs, textbooks, insurance, supplies, technology, utilities, and contracting services. The remaining $5.6 billion went to capital projects, special activities unrelated to capital projects, and debt service.

General fund expenses per student.

LAUSD, Budget

LAUSD budget expeditures. Los Angeles Almanac chart.

Approximate number of general education students transported each school day on district school buses/vans. Among these, are 11,900 Special Education students, 27,780 Magnet students, and 2,940 students transported due to their route home being determined to be potentially hazardous.The district deployed its first ten electric school buses in 2021 to replace aging diesel buses.

 LAUSD Transportation

Student transportation drivers. Photo from Los Angeles Unfiied School District.

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