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Los Angeles County
Gross Domestic Product

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline as Seen From First AME Church, 2019

Downtown Los Angeles slyline looking northeast. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

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With an economic gross domestic product of more than $790 billion in 2022, Los Angeles County contributes a quarter of California's gross state product and almost 4% of the nation's gross product. It ranked first among all U.S. counties for gross domestic product. It has a larger economic output than all but five U.S. states (California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois). If Los Angeles County were itself an independent nation among the world's 209 reporting independent national economies, it would rank as the world's 21st largest economy (just a little behind Switzerland). It had a larger gross economic output than Poland, Argentina, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Cuba, Ireland and Israel.

Year Real GDP (in thousands of chained 2017 dollars) Percent of California GDP Percent of United States GDP
2022 $790,016,435 24.9% 3.6%
2021 $773,824,541 24.6% 3.6%
2020 $728,748,544 24.9% 3.6%
2019 $766,866,344 25.9% 3.7%

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce.