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Los Angeles County Jail System
By the Numbers

Los Angeles County Jail

Inmates escorted at a Los Angeles County jail. Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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Here we provide updates to the 2016 CNN article "Pop. 17,049: Welcome to America's largest jail" by Breeanna Hare and Lisa Rose.

Largest Jail in the U.S.

There are 2,850 jail jurisdictions in the United States and the Los Angeles County jail system is the largest of them all. Los Angeles County holds more inmates in custody than all jails in each of 37 U.S. states (although this may be because Los Angeles County’s overall population is actually larger than that of 43 U.S. states).

Budget for Los Angeles County Jails

In 2017, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which oversees and staffs county jails, had a total budget of $3.32 billion, with $798 million (or about 24%) of that spent on the jail system. That included $671 million for payroll and benefits; $123 million for services and supplies; and $3.1 million for property items and equipment. Source: CEO of Los Angeles County.

Chance of Landing in Los Angeles County Jail After Arrest

If arrested in Los Angeles County, there is about a 36% chance that you will end up in the jail system. In 2017, there were 306,534 arrests and 110,941 of those were booked into the Los Angeles County jail system. This was an improvement over 2016, when 282,826 arrests were made with 112,852 booked into jail.

Average Daily Inmate Population Twin Towers Correctional Facility

Twin Towers Correctional Facility - largest single jail facility in the world. Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

In 2017, Los Angeles County had an average daily inmate population of 17,024 within its jail system. Of these, 2,248 were female.

Year Average Daily Inmate Population
2017 17,024
2016 16,613
2015 17,049
2014 (1) 18,680
2013 18,687
2012 18,043
2011 (2) 15,014
2010 16,625

(1) Prop 47 enacted in Nov. 2014; (2) AB109 enacted in Oct. 2011

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Fence at Los Angeles County Jail

Overcrowded Los Angeles County Jails

In 2017, there were 4,053 more inmates in custody than Los Angeles County’s jails are rated to hold. All but one facility (a small fire camp) housed many more inmates than their rated capacities.

Jail Facility Board of State & Community Corrections Rated Capacity 2017 Average Daily Inmate Population Percent Occupied
Men’s Central Jail 3,529 4,236 120%
Twin Towers Correctional Facility 2,484 3,462 139%
Century Regional Detention Center 1,708 2,073 121%
Pitchess Detention Center-East (3) 78 926 8%
Pitchess Detention Center-North 832 1,440 173%
Pitchess Detention Center-South 844 1,293 153%
North County Correctional Facility 2,214 4,008 181%

(3) Used as a fire camp for inmate firefighters

Average Time in Los Angeles County Jail

In Los Angeles County jails in 2017, the average time spent in custody was 62 days. At the Century Regional Detention Center, the average stay for women inmates was 38 days. Source: Board of State and Community Corrections.

Racial Makeup of Los Angeles County Jail Population

The racial demographic for Los Angeles County’s jail population in 2017 was 50% Hispanic, 30% African American, and 16% White. African Americans were overly disproportionate in the jail population as compared to their overall proportion of the overall county population (about 8 percent). This disproportionate representation is not unique to Los Angeles County. It is seen in jail populations across the nation.

Mostly Non-Violent Offenders

Los Angeles County’s jail population is primarily composed of nonviolent offenders. About 33% of inmates faced charges of violent or serious offenses, including aggravated assault, carjacking, child molestation, kidnapping, manslaughter, and rape.

Awaiting Trial or Sentence in Los Angeles County Jail

In 2017, 42% of inmates were awaiting trial or sentencing in Los Angeles County’s jail system. About 10% were sentenced specifically to time in county jail and 19% were sentenced to jail under AB109. About 4% awaited transfer to a California state prison. About 5% were held for parole violations and other reasons.

Largest Correctional Mental Health Institution in U.S.

Besides being the largest in the nation, Los Angeles County’s jail system also has the unfortunate distinction of being the largest mental health institutions in the nation. The number of inmates in the Los Angeles County jail system with mental health problems increased 86% from 2010 through 2017 (4). With few other options in the criminal justice system, a growing number of mentally ill persons in Los Angeles County end up incarcerated in jail. In the final quarter of 2017, 28% of Los Angeles County jail inmates were treated for some sort of mental health problem. About 30% of female inmates suffer from mental health issues. The challenge of properly handling this growing number of inmates dealing with mental illness only further strains the already overcrowded jail system. Currently, Los Angeles County is building a new facility, the Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility, near the location of Men’s Central Jail to offer expanded facilities for mentally ill inmates.

(4) Average number of mental health inmates in 2010: 2,475; Average number in 2017: 4,618.

Educational Programs in Los Angeles County Jails Education at the Los Angeles County Jail

Taking advantage of educational opportunities in a Los Angeles County jail. Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Unlike many jail facilities in the United States, the Los Angeles County jail system offers rehabilitation, educational, and vocational programs. In 2017, more than 9,900 inmates participated in the county's education-based incarceration program (EBI).

Los Angeles County Jail Staffing Los Angeles County Jail Staff on Watch

On watch at a jail in Los Angeles County. Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

To oversee and care for its huge inmate population, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department assigns about 27% of its total staffing (5,469 employees) to its Custody Division. About half of these are deputies. The rest are civilian staff such as custody assistants, medical personnel, administrative, kitchen and other support staff.

Source for most information on this page: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department