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County Correction Facilities & Jails
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Jail Wall and Fence

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The Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles is the world’s largest known jail facility. The facility has 1.5 million square feet and is rated to house almost 2,500 inmates (although it is actually overcrowded by an additional 1,000 inmates), with 2,400 officers and civilian staff onsite.

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Los Angeles County Jails by the Numbers

Facility Location Average Inmate Count
4th Quarter, 2020
Biscailuz Center - Closed 1060 N Eastern Ave, Monterey Park 90063 ---
Century Regional Detention Facility (female inmates) 11705 S Alameda St, Lynwood 90262;
(323) 568-4500*
1,388 (women)
Inmate Reception Center (temporary holding only) 450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012;
(213) 893-5303*
Men’s Central Jail 441 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012;
(213) 974-4082*
4,508 (both sexes)
Mira Loma Detention Center- Closed 45100 60th West, Lancaster 93536 ---
North County Correctional Facility 29340 The Old Road, Castaic 91350;
(661) 295-7804**
3,746 (men)
Pitchess Detention Center East Facility (Serves as a fire camp for inmate firefighters) 29310 The Old Rd, Castaic 91384 23 (men)
Pitchess Detention Center North Facility 29320 The Old Road, Castaic 91384;
(661) 295-8059**
1,376 (men)
Pitchess Detention Center South Facility 29330 The Old Road, Castaic 91384;
(661) 295-8011**
1,423 (men)
Sybil Brand Institute for Women - Closed 4500 E City Terrace Dr, Monterey Park 90063 ---
Twin Towers Correctional Facility 450 Bauchet St, Los Angeles 90012;
(213) 893-5100*
3,153 (men)

* Business Only. For inmate information at all facilities except the Pitchess Centers, call (213) 473-6100.
** Business Only. For inmate information at North County facilities, call (213) 473-6100.

Inmate Information: (213) 473-6100 or click here

Los Angeles County Sheriff Custody Operations

Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Los Angeles County is in the process of having a new correctional facility built. The Mental Health Treatment Center will be next door to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and replace Men's Central Jail. It will offer mental health treatment for inmates and be overseen by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.

Medical Services Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is the largest correctional medical service provider in the world.

North County Correctional Facility was once also known as "SuperMax."

The facilities of the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic were once known as Wayside Honor Rancho and was established as a minimum security facility in 1938 where inmates worked in a farm setting. The farm setting for the jail closed in 1992.

Until 2012, the Mira Loma Detention Facility was contracted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to house non-U.S. citizens detained for violations of U.S. immigration laws. It was the largest detention facility operated by U.S. immigration authorities in California. The facility operated as a regular county jail except that persons housed there are federal immigration detainees. Detainees were citizens of any one of more than sixty different countries and remained in detention at the facility until their cases were decided in U.S. Immigration Courts. ICE personnel assigned to Mira Loma handled all detainee transport, releasing, tracking and removal (or deportation). Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies and custody assistants only worked in immigration courtrooms at the facility.