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The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Photo by Felicia Aparicio.

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Location: Pasadena
Stadium: Rose Bowl
Capacity: 102,083
Playing Surface: Grass
First Game: January 1, 1902
Playing Sites for the Rose Bowl Game: Tournament Park (1902, 1916-1922), Rose Bowl (1923-1941), Duke Stadium in Durham, NC (1942), Rose Bowl (1943-2020), AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX (2021).

The oldest and, arguably, most prestigious of the college bowl games. It is referred to as "the Granddaddy of them all."

On January 1, 1902, purposed to help fund the cost of Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses Parade, the Tournament East–West football game was first played between Michigan (east) and Stanford (west) before a crowd of 8,500. It was the nation’s first post-season college football game. Michigan, however, so dominated Stanford (49-0) that, by the third quarter, Stanford chose to quit the game. Because this first football game was so embarrassingly lopsided, Tournament of Roses officials decided to instead try a variety of other sporting events such as foot races and bicycle, horse, pony, donkey and ostrich races. They even staged a race between an elephant and camel. In 1904, they started holding Roman-style chariot races, inspired by the popularity of the novel Ben Hur at the time. The last chariot races were held in 1915 after which they were determined to be too dangerous. In 1916, football was reinstated at the Tournament of Roses (State College of Washington vs. Brown).

Tournament of Roses football games were initially played at Tournament Park in Pasadena. The size of spectator crowds, however, quickly outgrew the park’s capacity, prompting the Tournament of Roses to seek a larger, more permanent venue. In 1923, the first Tournament of Roses game was played in the newly-built Rose Bowl that had a capacity of 57,000 (now 90,888). The game has since been played at the Rose Bowl, except in 1942 (due to security concerns shortly after the country entered war with Japan, the event was temporarily moved to the East Coast) and in 2021 (due to a severe surge in COVID-19 cases in California and state public health restrictions against in-person spectators at sporting events, the event was temporarily moved to Texas). The game continues to be played on January 1, unless that day falls on a Sunday, in which case, it is played on Monday.

In 1946, the Big Ten Conference and Pac-12 Conference (then Pac-10) came to an agreement with the Tournament of Roses that the champion of each conference play in the Rose Bowl Game. It was the nation’s first intercollegiate postseason bowl agreement between two major conferences. The first game was played on January 1, 1947, between Illinois and UCLA.

Famous Firsts Involving the Tournament of Roses Game (Rose Bowl Game)

  • 1925 - First wire-photo transmission of a bowl game.
  • 1926 - First local radio broadcast of an East-West bowl game.*
  • 1927 - First transcontinental radio broadcast of a sporting event (on NBC)
  • 1948 - First Los Angeles telecast of a college football game (on KTLA)
  • 1952 - First national color telecast and national telecast of a college football game (on NBC)
  • 1962 - First coast-to-coast color telecast of a college football game (on NBC)
  • 1968 - First satellite television broadcast to Europe of a college football game.
  • 1978 - First live satellite telecast of a bowl game to the Far East.
  • 2015 - First (along with the New Orleans Sugar Bowl) to host a College Football Playoff Semifinal.

The first live Spanish-language broadcast of the game took place in 1988.

*The Tournament of Roses officially maintains that radio coverage of the Rose Bowl game first occurred in 1926. However, L.A. radio historian Jim Hilliker counters that the first local radio coverage of the Rose Bowl game occurred in 1923 on station KHJ.

History of the Tournament of Roses Game

The crowd of 86,848 at the 2003 Rose Bowl Game was the lowest since 1944 (68,000 watched USC trounce Washington 29-0). The record crowd was 106,869 at the 1973 Rose Bowl Game.

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