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"Most Chinese" Communities in America

Soaring Camellia Square, Temple City

"Soaring Teapot" at Camellia Square at 8998 East Las Tunas Drive, Temple City. Los Angeles Almanac photo.

The City of Los Angeles is home to the fourth largest population of Chinese/Taiwanese descent (82,710) in the U.S., according to Census estimates for 2022.

Among U.S. communities with a population of 10,000 or more, 14 have Chinese/Taiwanese descent populations that are 30 percent or more of their total population. Of these, 11 communities are located in Los Angeles County and all are concentrated in the San Gabriel Valley. Ten of these, in turn, rank with the ten highest percentages of Chinese/Taiwanese populations in the nation. These communities are considered the “most Chinese” communities in America and are, in descending order by percent:

Approximately 19 percent of residents of Los Angeles County's San Gabriel Valley (more than 300,000) are of Chinese/Taiwanese descent.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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