The Monster of Elizabeth Lake?

Legend has it that a monster lived in Elizabeth Lake (17 miles west of Palmdale on Elizabeth Lake Road). It was said of old that the Devil himself created the lake and kept one of his pets in it. The stories go as far back as the 1830s when Don Pedro Carrillo abandoned a ranch on the lakeshore after a mysterious fire. He complained of the La Laguna del Diablo. In 1855, Americans settlers tried moving into the area but later abandoned it claiming that it was haunted. Not long afterward, Don Chico Lopez and two other men claimed to witness the ascension of a huge monster with bat-like wings from the lake. Lopez also abandoned his lakeside ranch, selling out at a loss. He claimed that his livestock were quickly disappearing. Rancher Miguel Leonis, who later acquired the lands, also claimed to sight a griffin-like creature over the lake. In 1886, yet another rancher, Don Felipe Rivera, claimed to see a beast over the lake. There have been no similar sightings reported since the 1880s.