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Women Veterans in Los Angeles County

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Just four of thousands of Los Angeles County women who served in the U.S. military:
Top Left: U.S. Air Force Lt. General Stayce Harris of Los Angeles (USAF photo). In 2001, first African American woman to command a flying squadron;
Top Right: U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Delia Quintero of Los Angeles, with 82nd Airborne Division (photo by Spc. David Nye);
Bottom Left: U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2 Natalia Grijalva of North Hollywood, on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (photo by PO3 Shawn Stewart);
Bottom Right: U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Ana Martinez of Los Angeles, training on Parris Island, South Carolina (photo by Cpl. Caitlin Brink).

The U.S. Census estimates that, in 2022, there were 230,282 civilian U.S. military veterans living in Los Angeles County. Of that number, 18,890, or 8 percent, were women. Women veterans in Los Angeles County made up the fourth largest female veteran population among U.S. counties (following Bexar County in Texas, Maricopa County in Arizona, and San Diego County).

Female Veterans – Age

Data are 2022 U.S. Census 5-Year Estimates

Age Group Number Percent of All Female Veterans
Total 18,890 100.0%
18 to 34 Years 3,879 20.5%
35 to 54 Years 7,375 39.0%
55 to 64 Years 3,283 17.4%
65 to 74 Years 2,614 13.8%
75 Years & Over 1,739 9.2%

Veterans – Race

Data are 2022 U.S. Census 1-Year Estimates

Race Number Percent of All Female Veterans
American Indian & Alaska Native Alone 234 1.3%
Asian Alone 1,740 10.0%
Black or African American Alone 3,865 22.1%
Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander Alone 236 1.4%
White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino 6,154 35.3%
Some Other Race Alone 1,450 8.3%
Two or More Races 3,127 17.9%
Hispanic or Latino of Any Race 4,615 26.4%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Also see: Susan Ahn Cuddy, Navy's First Asian American Female Naval Officer.

First Women Enlisted in the WAAC in the Los Angeles Area, 1942

Photo from the Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive at UCLA Library.

1942. At the start of America's involvement in World War II, these were the first women from the Los Angeles area accepted for officer training in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) . Captain Robert L. Woods administers the oath to (left to right) Madelyn Miller, Anna W. Wilson, Dorothea Wilson, Emily Davis, Kathryn Johnson and Emily Hathaway.

USAF, Women Enlistees, Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive at the Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.

1968. Group portrait of seventeen U.S. Air Force women enlistees and recruiters in Los Angeles.