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Top 20 Highest-Paid City Managers
Los Angeles County, 2022

Of the 548 California city managers for which 2022 wage data was available, the statewide top 20 included nine from Los Angeles County. Montebello ranked number one in the state due to a $1 million lump-sum payment to a former city manager. Likewise, Palmdale's outgoing city manager received $719,484, of which $632,810 was a lump-sum payment. The most regular wages paid in Los Angeles County to a sitting city manager in 2022 was $478,497, paid in Beverly Hills. By comparison, the regular wages of the City Administrative Officer of Los Angeles (that city's equivalent to a city manager) was $319,351 in 2022, falling short of a spot in the list below. Even the Governor of California earned a relatively cheap $201,553 that year.

Ranked in order of compensation, highest to lowest

City Total Wages
Montebello $1,000,000 lump-sum payment to former city manager. $393,533 to successor.
Palmdale $719,484 (included $632,810 lump-sum payment) to former city manager. $352,764 to successor.
Beverly Hills $478,497
Carson $417,611 (included $363,579 lump-sum payment) to former city manager. $355,455 to successor.
Downey $411,248
Rosemead $403,797
San Marino $390,712
Inglewood $388,922
Culver City $368,275
Santa Monica $367,892
Lancaster $352,953
Norwalk $346,824
Arcadia $343,279
Vernon $343,235
Torrance $340,427
Long Beach $338,361
Burbank $335,712
Pomona $325,033
West Hollywood $324,636
Glendale $323,151

Source: Government Compensation in California