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Earliest & Most Recent Freeway Projects
Los Angeles County

Earliest Freeway Completed in L.A. County Arroyo Seco Parkway (110)
Completed: December 30, 1940
Length: 6 miles
Cost: $5.7 million
Latest Freeway Project ENTIRELY in L.A. County Glenn Anderson (Century) Freeway (105)
Completed: October 14, 1993
Length: 17.3 miles
Cost: $2.3 billion
Latest Freeway Project Completed in L.A. County Foothill Freeway (210) Extension*
Completed: November 24, 2002
Length: 6.5 miles (in L.A. County)
Cost: $310 million (cost of portion in L.A. County)

* The 210 extends into San Bernardino County. The total freeway extension was 14 miles and cost $689 million.

Source: California Dept of Transportation (Caltrans)