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The Olympics in Los Angeles

Event 1932 X Olympiad
Los Angeles
1984 XXIII Olympiad
Los Angeles
Dates July 30 – August 14 July 28 – August 12
Number of Nations 37 140
Number of Sports 20 30
Number of Events 117 221
Number of Male Athletes 1,206 5,263
Number of Female Athletes 126 1,566
U.S. Television Rights --- ABC - $225 million

Source: International Olympic Committee

In 1932, California was considered relatively remote to much of the Western world. The Los Angeles Olympics of 1932 hosted less than half the number of athletes than those in the previous 1928 games. This was the lowest number since 1904. Despite that, the Coliseum Olympic Stadium marveled the world as the most impressive Olympic venue until that time. Opening ceremonies were attended by 100,000 spectators - more than had attended any previous opening ceremonies.

Since the games of 1900, no Olympics had lasted less than 79 days. The Los Angeles Olympics of 1932 games lasted a mere 16 days. All summer games since have lasted between 16 to 18 days.

The Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1932 was the first to offer an Olympic Village for athletes (only males; women stayed in local hotels). It was also the first Olympics to feature a podium for the medal winners and the raising of their national flags.

Debuting in the Olympics at the Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1984 was the first paraplegic athlete in a medal event (competing in a wheelchair), the first Olympic women’s marathon, the first Olympic synchronised swimming events and the first Olympic women’s cycling road race.