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Greetings from San Fernando, California

For the Mission San Gabriel, see: Greetings from San Gabriel, California

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Mission San Fernando, California - Founded 1792
1902-1903; Published by Detroit Publishing Co.


Interior San Fernando Mission, Founded 1797, San Fernando, California
Circa 1908-1915; Published by Van Ornum Colorprint Co., Los Angeles


Mission San Fernando from Memory Garden, and Father Junipero Serra Statue
1938; Published by Western Publishing & Novelty Co, Los Angeles, Calif.


Chapel, San Fernando Mission, Calif.
1940s; Published by Frashers, Inc., Pomona, Calif.
*This postcard may be under a copyright.


Seminary of Our Lady, Queen of Angels
1960s; Published by Columbia Wholesale Supply, 11401 Chandler, North Hollywood, Calif.


Mission San Fernando, California, founded 1797
1960s; Published by Unknown


Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana
1975; Published by Pamaca Ind., P.O. Box 386, Yorba Linda, Ca. 92686
*This postcard may be under a copyright.