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Editor's Note: the Almanac includes the following as folklore - not history. Although some elements of the story may indeed be historical fact, we offer these stories as a part of the cultural fabric of Los Angeles County.

Alleged sightings of the Sasquatch or "Big Foot" have occurred in Los Angeles County as well. In the 1960s, in Quartz Hill (at the west end of the Antelope Valley), two men reported to L.A. County sheriff’s deputies that they had seen a dark, giant biped silhouetted against the sky on a hill. A selection of other reported sightings follows:

Two hunters reported a sighting in Cooper Canyon during the fall sometime in the early 1970s through their hunting scopes. They could not determine if this creature was an animal or human. Because they were concerned that it might actually be a human, they elected not to shoot it.

In 1973, in the Big Rock Canyon area, numerous sightings of huge apelike creatures were reported.

In March 1973, three U.S. Marines reported a sighting of a large, bipedal, hairy creature in Lancaster. Later that month, a young woman mistakenly thinking she was responding to one of her whimpering dogs, reported being surprised and frightened when a large, bipedal, hair-covered creature stood up from the tall grass and ran off.

In May 1973, a search party in Lancaster attempting to follow up on several "Big Foot" reports was forced to take cover when another party on the same sort of search panicked and started shooting when they thought they were being approached by a large creature. Fortunately, no one was injured.

On April 22, 1973, three men from the San Fernando Valley reported seeing an eleven-foot Sasquatch near Sycamore Flats Campground.

Six months later, something left 21-inch tracks with a 12-foot stride at South Fork Campground.

Other sightings of Sasquatches were reported in 1974, 1975, and 1976 around the Big Rock Campground.

In October 1974, two men reported a sighting of a large, hair-covered bipedal animal in Quartz Hill backyard.

In the summer of 1976, two brothers doing late night fishing at Morris Dam encountered an erect, "human-like" creature on a deer path.

In September 1976, a hunter reported a sighting (and very frightening scream) of a large animal near the West Fork River. No, he did not think this animal was a bear.

In 1978 a truck driver reported a sighting of a large bipedal creature crossing the road near Lake Hughes.

Source: Mysterious California by Mike Marinacci; Panpipes Press and Big Foot Field Researchers Organization.