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Past Deployment of Military Troops
Los Angeles County

Year Deployment Reason
1846 U.S. Navy & Marine Corp Units Invasion of Los Angeles Area (Province of Mexico)
1847 U.S. Navy, Marine & Army Units* Recapture of Los Angeles area (from Mexican militia)
1861 U.S. Army Troops To provide a garrison of Union troops during Civil War
1894 U.S. Army Troops Railroad labor strike and unrest
1965 National Guard Troops Civil riots sparked by LAPD traffic stop in Watts area
1992 National Guard, U.S. Army & Marine Units** Civil riots sparked by the acquittals of LAPD officers accused of beating black motorist Rodney King
2001 National Guard Troops 78 troops provide security for LAX in the wake of a threat by international terrorism

* Also resulted in the establishment of Fort Moore on July 4, 1847. The fort, named for Captain Benjamin D. Moore (killed 1846, Battle of San Pasqual in action against Mexican militia), overlooked the Pueblo of Los Angeles and garrisoned 200 U.S. Army troops. It was abandoned after only one year. The site is now part of the Los Angeles Unified School District Headquarters.

** Military units deployed to help quell the Los Angeles urban riots in April 1992 were collectively referred to as Joint Task Force Los Angeles. Theywere commanded by U.S. Army Major General Marvin Covault, Commanding General of the 7th Infantry Division (Light), then stationed at Fort Ord, California. Several thousand troops of the 7th Infantry Division were air transported to area, arriving at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro beginning in the late evening hours of April 30, 1992. - Information provided by Morgan P. Yates, former MP, 7th Military Police Company, 7th Infantry Division.