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Robert Kennedy's Final Speech and Aftermath, ABC News

Robert Kennedy's Final Speech and Aftermath, ABC News, 1968

ABC News film of Robert Kennedy's victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel and what followed.

ABC was the only television broadcaster still on the air when Robert Kennedy was shot. News film from the Ambassador Hotel, however, was not available until later in the day on June 5. The film first shows Kennedy concluding his victory speech in the hotel ballroom. His wife, Ethel, is just to the right of him. The towering Rosey Grier, one of his unofficial bodyguards, can be seen behind Mrs. Kennedy. After the speech ends, Kennedy is led down through the hotel kitchen doors to the right of the podium. Within minutes, in the kitchen and out of sight of the ballroom floor, Kennedy is shot. As can be seen, word starts quickly flooding out onto the ballroom floor. A still photograph of Kennedy, lying wounded on the kitchen floor, is shown. Notice the man in a white shirt and tie standing on a chair or table repeatedly gesturing with a finger pointed at his head to signify that Kennedy had been shot in the head. Then, a voice begins calling people to be kept away from “him.” “We don’t want another Oswald,” he adds. The man who had just shot Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, was being led by police out of the hotel through an upset and angry ballroom crowd. The reference to "Oswald" was Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of Robert Kennedy’s brother, President John F. Kennedy. Oswald was then shot and killed by a gunman as he was being moved by police.