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Biography of James Kenneth Hahn
40th Mayor of Los Angeles (2001-2005)

James Kenneth Hahn was born in Los Angeles on July 3, 1950. He is the son of the late legendary Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, who served as a Los Angeles County Supervisor for 40 years. It is said that the younger Hahn often accompanied his father on weekend car rides in search of potholes. The offending potholes were quickly filled the following Monday. James Hahn went on to receive a bachelor's degree in English and a law degree from Pepperdine University. Hahn served as Los Angeles City Controller from 1981-1985, and City Attorney from 1985-2001. On June 5, 2001, Hahn narrowly defeated former California Speaker of the Assembly Antonio Villaraigosa in a run-off election to succeed Mayor Richard Riordan. Hahn assumed office on July 2, 2001, as 40th Mayor of the City of Los Angeles.