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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Crime Analysts

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department fields one of the largest local law enforcement crime analyst programs in the nation. Crime Analysts are civilian police workers assigned to most of the county's Sheriff's stations and detective bureaus. When hearing about Crime Analysts, the public often assumes that they are forensic scientists or investigators from the hit TV series CSI. These little known professionals, however, use high tech tools and sophisticated analytical methods to detect crime patterns and trends and identify suspects. This assists Sheriff's deputies in more effectively patrolling their communities and assists detectives in the investigative process, increasing apprehensions and case clearances. Other Los Angeles County police departments that employ Crime Analysts are the LAPD, Santa Monica PD, Inglewood PD, Glendale PD, Beverly Hills PD, Redondo Beach PD, Montebello PD, Monrovia PD, Vernon PD, and Whittier PD. The Southern California Crime & Intelligence Analysts Association serves as a professional organization for Los Angeles area Crime Analysts.