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Nobel Prize Winners
Los Angeles County

Year Winner Institution Category
1923 Robert A. Millikan Cal Tech Physics
1933 Thomas Hunt Morgan Cal Tech Physiology or Medicine
1936 Carl D. Anderson* Cal Tech Physics
1950 Ralph Bunche UCLA** Peace
1951 Edwin Mattison McMillan* Cal Tech** Chemistry
1951 Glenn T. Seaborg* UCLA** Chemistry
1954 Linus Pauling Cal Tech Chemistry
1956 William Shockley* Cal Tech** Physics
1958 George Wells Beadle Cal Tech Physiology or Medicine
1960 Donald A. Glaser Cal Tech** Physics
1960 Willard Libby UCLA Chemistry
1961 Rudolf Mössbauer Cal Tech Physics
1962 Linus Pauling Cal Tech Peace
1964 Charles H. Townes* Cal Tech** Physics
1965 Richard P. Feynman* Cal Tech Physics
1969 Max Delbrück* Cal Tech Physiology or Medicine
1969 Murray Gell-Mann Cal Tech Physics
1975 Leo James Rainwater* Cal Tech** Physics
1976 William Lipscomb Cal Tech** Chemistry
1978 Robert Woodrow Wilson Cal Tech** Physics
1981 Roger W. Sperry* Cal Tech Physiology or Medicine
1982 Kenneth G. Wilson Cal Tech** Physics
1983 William A. Fowler* Cal Tech Physics
1984 Bruce Merrifield UCLA** Chemistry
1987 Donald Cram* UCLA Chemistry
1990 William F. Sharpe* UCLA** Economics
1992 Rudolph A. Marcus Cal Tech Chemistry
1994 George Andrew Olah USC Chemistry
1995 Edward B. Lewis* Cal Tech Physiology or Medicine
1996 Douglas D. Osheroff* Cal Tech** Physics
1997 Paul D. Boyer* UCLA Chemistry
1997 Robert C. Merton* Cal Tech** Economics
1998 Louis Ignarro* UCLA Physiology or Medicine
1999 Ahmed Zewail Cal Tech Chemistry
2001 Leland H. Hartwell* Cal Tech** Physiology or Medicine
2002 Vernon L. Smith Cal Tech** Economics
2004 H. David Politzer* Cal Tech Physics
2005 Robert H. Grubbs* Cal Tech Chemistry
2009 Elinor Ostrom* UCLA* Economics
2010 Richard Heck* UCLA* Chemistry
2012 Lloyd Shapley* UCLA Economics
2013 Arieh Warshel* USC Chemistry
2013 Martin Karplus* Cal Tech* Chemistry
2013 Randy Schekman* UCLA* Physiology or Medicine
2014 Eric Betzig* Cal Tech* Chemistry
2015 Arthur B. McDonald* Cal Tech* Physics

*Co-winner of the prize
** Winner was a student/graduate at this institution, but was not awarded the prize while there.

Source: Nobel Prizes