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"Theme from New York, New York," Actually Recorded in Los Angeles

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, cropped from photo with President Richard Nixon and Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti in 1973. Photo from White House Photo, via Wikimedia Commons.

In 1977, famed song writers, composer John Kander and Lyricist Fred Ebb, wrote “Theme from New York, New York.” The song was created as the theme song for Martin Scorsese’s film “New York New York,” starring Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro. song was written at Kander’s home in the Catskills, New York. The song is considered one of the best-known songs about New York and is played and sung at every New York Yankee’s baseball home game.

The song, however, didn’t really catch on until Frank Sinatra began singing it in 1978. In December 1979, Sinatra finally recorded his version of the song as part of his albums “Trilogy: Past Present Future.” Sinatra actually recorded the song, not in New York, but 2,451 miles away in Los Angeles. It was recorded at the famed Shrine Auditorium. His recording included a 140-plus piece orchestra and 50-person chorus. Sinatra was said to have selected the Shrine because of its acoustics and size.

"Theme from New York, New York"
Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, 1957. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.