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Angelino Heights

Oldest Surviving Suburb of Los Angeles

Victorian Homes in the Angelino Heights District, Los Angeles

Victorian homes in the Angelino Heights District of Los Angeles. Courtesy of Los Angeles Office of Historic Preservation.

Angelino Heights is the oldest surviving residential suburb of Los Angeles. Although the Bunker Hill district began to be developed as a residential district nearly 20 years earlier, unlike Bunker Hill, Angelino Heights continues to survive primarily as a district of single family residences. The district, founded in 1886 on a hillside near downtown Los Angeles and originally named Angeleno Heights, lies in the southern portion of the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was originally located at the terminus of a streetcar line. Its Victorian homes (mostly Queen Anne/Eastlake style) were built to the meet the demand of the 1880s population boom. A significant portion of the district, however, was demolished and cleared away in the late 1940s for construction of the Hollywood Freeway (Highway 101). More than a dozen of the beautiful Victorian homes survive and still line the 1300 block of Carroll Avenue and are maintained as private residences. In 1983, Angelino Heights became the first Los Angeles neighborhood designated as a historic district or Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ). It has the city's largest concentration of surviving Victorian era homes.

Map Locating Angelino Heights District, Los Angeles

From the City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Map.