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Frequently Asked Questions
City of Los Angeles Zip Code Map

Q. Does this map cover all of Los Angeles County?

A. No. Although this map shows zip codes that extend beyond the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles, it only features zip codes wholly or partially within the boundaries of the city of Los Angeles. Adjacent cities and unincorporated areas adjacent to Los Angeles city boundaries are labeled in the map with white lettering against a green background, however, their zip codes are not shown.

Note: although it does not feature zip codes, you may still be interested in an affordable but colorful wall map of the entire county of Los Angeles. This laminated wall map of all of Los Angeles County features the entire county including all of the 88 incorporated cities and more than 100 unincorporated communities in an easy-to-delineate, vibrant and colorful layout.

Q. Does this map show streets that serve as ZIP code boundaries?

A. Yes. Wherever possible, we show and label streets, highways, railroad tracks, or bodies of water that form ZIP code boundaries. In some cases, however, there were no identifiable streets, highways, rail lines, or waterways that served as a boundary (perhaps where the boundary followed, for example, a hilltop ridgeline). In these cases, we show the boundary but no geographical feature to identify that boundary.

Q. What does "truncated Zip code boundary" mean?

A. Some ZIP codes that straddle city of Los Angeles boundaries extend far beyond Los Angeles city boundaries (particularly in the north). Since our purpose with this map is to show only ZIP codes wholly or partially within Los Angeles city limits, we decided, in some cases, to just "truncate" or "cut off" those ZIP code boundaries in the map that extend far beyond Los Angeles city limits. In any case, where any Zip code boundary lies within Los Angeles city limits, we do show those Zip code boundaries.

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