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Seasonal Rainfall (Precipitation)


Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
(Pierce College)

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Why our “Rainfall Season” is different than that of the National Weather Service

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NOTE: When most weather reporting sources cite weather in Los Angeles (without specifying where, exactly, in Los Angeles), these numbers are typically for the Downtown Los Angeles weather station (actually located on the USC campus).

Established in 1949, the Pierce College Weather Station in Woodland Hills is reported to have been one of the first official cooperative weather stations in the United States to independently provide its archived data online and one of the oldest unmoved operational cooperative weather stations in the world. In late March 2020, as California began closing down to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Pierce College Weather Station temporarily discontinued their online presence, thereby making direct daily weather reports unavailable for a few months.

Woodland Hills (Pierce College)
August 2021 Rainfall-to-Date

Reporting for this station is may be delayed.

Rainfall measured in inches

Date (August) Rainfall Measured for Day Month's Cumulative Rainfall Measured
No rainfall reported thus far by the National Weather Service for this month. Reporting for this station may be delayed.

Woodland Hills (Pierce College)
2021-2022 Rainfall Season-to-Date

Monthly rainfall totals for previous seasons are found at Monthly Rainfall for Woodland Hills.

Rainfall measured in inches

NOTE: Rainfall normals were updated on May 4, 2021.

Month Rainfall Measured Season-To-Date Rainfall For Month For Season
Monthly Normal Departure for Month Season-to-Date Normal Departure for Season
Jul 2021 0.00 0.00 0.04 -0.04 0.04 -0.04
Aug 2021 Pending Pending 0.00 Pending 0.04 Pending
Sep 2021 Pending Pending 0.09 Pending 0.13 Pending
Oct 2021 Pending Pending 0.56 Pending 0.69 Pending
Nov 2021 Pending Pending 0.83 Pending 1.52 Pending
Dec 2021 Pending Pending 2.66 Pending 4.18 Pending
Month Rainfall Measured Season-To-Date Rainfall For Month For Season
Monthly Normal Departure for Month Season-to-Date Normal Departure for Season
Jan 2022 Pending Pending 3.73 Pending 7.91 Pending
Feb 2022 Pending Pending 4.62 Pending 12.53 Pending
Mar 2022 Pending Pending 2.66 Pending 15.19 Pending
Apr 2022 Pending Pending 0.80 Pending 15.99 Pending
May 2022 Pending Pending 0.36 Pending 16.35 Pending
Jun 2022 Pending Pending 0.06 Pending 16.41 Pending

† Normals, reissued every ten years, were updated on May 4, 2021. The latest normals are National Centers For Environmental Information data, used by the National Weather Service, based upon 30-year averages, covering 1991 through 2020. The total season normal for this station is 16.41 inches.

* Data are incomplete for the month. An update will be made upon the release of all data for the month.

Source: Pierce College Weather Station and National Weather Service Forecast Office, Los Angeles/Oxnard