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City of Beverly Hills

Seal of the City of Beverly Hills
Map Showing City of Beverly Hills

Map showing City of Beverly Hills with surrounding cities (Los Angeles & West Hollywood) and communities.
Cutaway from Map of Los Angeles County.
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General Law city
Incorporated: January 28, 1914
City Hall: 455 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, California 90210
Website: www.beverlyhills.org
Population (2020 Census): 32,701 (Also see latest State Population Estimates and Earlier decennial Census Counts).
Population Under Age 18 (2020 Census): 16.9%
Population Density (2020 Census): 5,729.0 persons per square mile
Housing Units: 16,242
Persons Per Housing Unit: 2.0
Land Area: 5.71 square miles (14.78 square kilometers)
Water Area: 0.00 square miles (0.00 square kilometers)
Total Area: 5.71 square miles (14.79 square kilometers)
Geographic Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude): 34.07923 -118.402437

Photo courtesy of CvcPortoAlegre & Pixabay.com.

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City Government Officials

Founded and named by Burton E. Green, president of the Rodeo Land & Water Co. The post office was originally named Beverly after Beverly, Massachusetts. The name was changed to Beverly Hills in 1911.

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City of Beverly Hills

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