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Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Stadium, 2012. Courtesy of Jon B. Lovelace Collection of California Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith's America Project & Library of Congress.

Web site: www.dodgers.com
Home: Dodger Stadium (Capacity: 56,000)
Affiliation: Major League Baseball (National League - West)
Owner: Guggenheim Baseball Management (since March 2012)

World Series 1988 Trophy - Los Angeles Dodgers
-- Dodger Historical Seasonal Win-Loss Records
-- Dodgers in the World Series

Attendance at Home Games (2023): 3,837,079 (average per home game: 47,371). 2018 holds the Dodgers record season home attendence at 3,857,500. The Dodgers enjoy the highest home game attendance and highest average game attendance of any team in Major League Baseball in every season since 2013.


Until 1914, the team was formally named Brooklyn Base Ball Club. All other names until that year were informal nicknames used by sportswriters and fans.

1883-1884 - Brooklyn Atlantics (named after the earlier famed Atlantic Base Ball Club or Brooklyn Atlantics, 1855-1872).

1885-1887 - Brooklyns or Brooklyn Grays (named for the color of team uniforms).

1888-1898 - Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1888-1890, 1896-1898) & Brooklyn Grooms (1891-1895) (named for four star players who were married over the 1889-90 off-season). Entered National League in 1890. Merged with Brooklyn Wonders in 1891. Played at Washington Park (Brooklyn, 1890), Eastern Park (Brooklyn, 1891-1897) and Washington Park II (Brooklyn, 1898).

Washington Park II, Circa 1909

Second Washington Park, Brooklyn, New York, circa 1909. The stadium was home to the Brooklyn Superbras/Dodgers from 1898 to 1913. Photo taken from Diamonds, by Michael Gershman. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

1899-1910 - Brooklyn Superbas, (named for a then popular Brooklyn vaudeville troupe when Ned "Foxy" Hanlon was team manager). Merged with Baltimore Orioles in 1900. Played at Washington Park II (Brooklyn, 1899-1910).

Brooklyn Base Ball Club, Dodgers, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1912

Brooklyn Base Ball Team in bleachers at spring training in Hot Springs, Arkansas, March 1912. Manager Bill Dahlen is seated in the front row, to the right of the standing boy. Photo from the George Grantham Bain Collection at Library of Congress.

1911-1913 - Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers/Dodgers (named for the wild maze of trolley lines across Brooklyn). Played at Washington Park II (Brooklyn, 1911-1912) and Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, 1913).

Ebbets Field, Inaugural Season, 1913

Ebetts Field, inaugural season, in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, 1913. The stadium, with many changes over the years, was home of the Dodgers for 45 years from that year until their move to Los Angeles. Photo from the collection of Eliot Krispel, Farmingdale, NY.

Ebbets Field, Opening Day, 1913

Ebetts Field on opening day, April 9, 1913. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

1914-1931 - Brooklyn Robins (named for its team manager, Wilbert Robinson). Played at Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, 1914-1931).

1932-1957 - Brooklyn Dodgers. (returned to earlier name after long-time team manager Wilbert Robinson had retired). Played at Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, 1932-1957) and Roosevelt Stadium (Jersey City, 1956-1957).

1958-Present - Los Angeles Dodgers. Played at Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles, 1958-1961) and Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, 1962-present).

Other Nicknames: Church City Nines and Brooklyn Kings during the 1880s, Brooklyn Foutz's Fillies during the 1890s (for manager Dave Foutz), Dem Bums during the 1940s and 1950s.

Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium

Dodger player display outside Dodger Stadium gift shop. Los Angeles Almanac photo.

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