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Greetings from Pomona, California

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Holt Avenue, Pomona, California
Circa 1907-1914; Published by Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles. San Francisco.


Fourth Ward School, Pomona, Cal.
1908; Published by M. Rieder, Los Angeles, Cal

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Palomares Hotel, Pomona, Cal.
1910; Published by New Post Card Co., Los Angeles, Cal.


Picking Oranges. Greetings from Pomona California, An Orange Orchard. Like Globes of Gold They Glitter There…
1916; Published by M. Kashower Co., Los Angeles / Van Ornum Colorprint Co., Los Angeles, Cal.


The Grandstand at the Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, California
1950s; Published by Frashers, Inc., Pomona, Calif.