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Los Pobladores 200

Los Pobladores plaque at El Pueblo de Los Angeles National Monument. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

On or about September 4th, Los Pobladores 200, an association of about 250 people who trace their lineage to Los Angeles’ original settlers, make their "Historic Walk to Los Angeles" as part of the city’s annual birthday celebrations. The trek begins at the Mission San Gabriel and finishes about three hours later at Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. The trek commemorates the final nine-mile leg of the 1781 journey made by the original settlers. Los Pobladores (Spanish for "the settlers") traveled from the interior of Mexico, arriving months later at the Mission San Gabriel. There they awaited other members of their party and the provincial governor Felipe de Neve to escort them to the site of El Pueblo de la Reina de los Angeles (see The Settlement of Los Angeles).

Los Pobladores 200 was founded in 1981 by Joseph and Marie Northrop. The organization conducted their first annual trek that same year.

UPDATE: This organization was dissolved in 2012.