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Other things no longer available around Los Angeles...

Photo by Colourphoto, Boston

Ambassador Hotel

The Academy Awards were presented there. Presidents were guests there. Its nightclub was synonymous with glamour. A promising presidential campaign abruptly ended there.

Photo by Bibbe Hansen

Atomic Cafe

Mid-20th century atomic pop-culture, Japanese culture and Punk Rock culture came together in a little café. It was the center for love of punk rock in Los Angeles.

Photo by Chalmers Butterfield

The Brown Derby

Hollywood and the Brown Derby Restaurant became so intertwined that fan letters were mailed to movie stars simply addressed to “The Brown Derby, Hollywood and Vine.”

Los Angeles Almanac Photo

California Grizzlies

There were once perhaps as many California Grizzlies around Los Angeles as there are Starbucks stores here today. That came to a violent end one day one hundred years ago.

Photo by Marvin Rand, Historic American Buildings Survey

Pan-Pacific Auditorium

Any large indoor event in Los Angeles from 1935 to 1971 was most likely at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium. Disney theme parks replicated its iconic architecture.

Photo from Federal Aviation Administration

"Spruce Goose"

It was the largest aircraft ever built and one of America’s greatest aviation projects for one of America’s greatest wars. Its creator was just as superlative as the aircraft.