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Asians in Los Angeles County
By the Numbers

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Asians have long counted in Los Angeles. In fact, it was originally intended that a twelfth family, a Filipino family, be among the original settlers of the new pueblo of Los Angeles in 1781. That family ended up being delayed by illness and never made it to Los Angeles, instead later being rerouted to Santa Barbara. In the first U.S. Census in California of 1850, two "Chinese" residents were counted in Los Angeles. By 1900, that number had grown to 3,209, along with 204 Japanese residents.

Unless otherwise noted, all numbers here are 2022 U.S. Census estimates.* The racial identifier "Asian," as used here, is meant to identify persons who trace their lineage or birth to anywhere in the continent or islands of Asia and identify solely as Asian and not related to any other racial group.


1.5 million

The Asian population in Los Angeles County. The county's Asian population is its third largest ethnic/racial group. Los Angeles County had the largest Asian population of any county in the United States, followed by Santa Clara County, California, at 746,381, Orange County, California, at 688,905, and Queens County, New York, at 614,652.


Percent change in the Asian population in Los Angeles County, between 2020 and 2022.

1.2 million

Projected Asian population for Los Angeles County by 2060. This projection sees the Asian population remaining 15% of the county's population by that year, as it is today. At the same time, the Asian population is also projected to be about 15% smaller than it is today.


Percent of Los Angeles County's overall population of any Asian lineage (not just Asian alone, including being related to other racial groups). Of Los Angeles County’s population of Asian heritage, 29% were of Chinese (except Taiwanese) origin, 23% Filipino, 13% Korean, 8% Japanese , 7% each Asian Indian and Vietnamese, and 2% each Cambodian, Taiwanese, and Thai. The remainder were of Pakistani, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Burmese, Laotian, Mongolian, Nepalese, Hmong, Malaysian, Okinawan, Bhutanese, or other Asian origin.

Asian, Filipino, Filippinotown, Los Angeles

Western Gateway of Historic Filipinotown at corner of Temple St. and Silverlake Blvd. Photo by Wapacman at English Wikipedia, CC by-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.


Percent of Asian population in Los Angeles County who were foreign-born. Of these, 66% were naturalized U.S. citizens.


Percent of California’s total Asian population residing in Los Angeles County.


Number of cities, among Los Angeles County’s 88 incorporated cities, in which Asian residents were the largest ethnic/racial group. These were San Marino (68%), Walnut and Temple City (each 66%), , Monterey Park (65%), Rosemead (63%), Cerritos (61%), San Gabriel and Diamond Bar (59%), Arcadia (57%), Alhambra (51%), Artesia (42%), and Torrance (38%).


Couple Enjoying Music

Photo by NeilDodhia via Pixabay.com.

Number of Asian family households in Los Angeles County.


Percent of Asian family households in Los Angeles County that were married-couple households.


Percent of Asian households in Los Angeles County that had related children younger than age 18 present.


1 million

Number of Los Angeles County Asian residents, age 5 and older, who spoke a language other than English at home. Asian or Pacific Islander non-English language speakers at home made up 11% of Los Angeles County residents, age 5 and older. The most common Asian language spoken at home (and third-most common language spoken in the county, following English and Spanish) is Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese). More than 369,000 people speak Chinese at home in Los Angeles County. The fourth most common language is Tagalog (Filipino language), spoken at home by an estimated 205,160 people.


Asian, Family, Education

Photo by Cottonbro via Pexels.com.


Percent of Asian population, age 25 and older, in Los Angeles County, with a bachelor's degree or higher.


Percent of Los Angeles County students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled in college who were Asian.


Percent of Los Angeles County's K-12 students who were Asian.

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance


Median income for Asian households in Los Angeles County.


Poverty rate among Asian residents in Los Angeles County.

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Percent of Los Angeles County Asian residents, age 16 and older, who were in the civilian labor force.


San Gabriel Square, Business, San Gabriel

San Gabriel Square in San Gabriel. Photo by Myasuda at Wikimedia Commons.


Number of Los Angeles County Asian-owned businesses with employees in 2017. Asians own 68% of all minority-owned businesses in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County had the largest number of Asian-owned businesses among U.S. counties, with Orange County, California, in distant second place.

$98 billion

Receipts from Los Angeles County Asian-owned businesses with employees in 2017.


Percent of all Los Angeles County businesses with employees in 2017 that were Asian-owned.


Susan Ahn Cuddy, Philip Ahn, Ralph Ahn, Asian American, Korean American, Circa 1944

Korean American U.S. Naval officer Susan Ahn Cuddy with brothers Ralph and Philip, during World War II. From U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command.


Number of Asian veterans of the U.S. armed forces in Los Angeles County.

* U.S. Census estimates based on American Community Survey data and surveys collected over the preceeding 5 years. These estimates are issued annually between full Decennial Census counts conducted each decade.

U.S. Census Bureau
California Dept. of Finance, Demographic Research Unit

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