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Frequently Asked Questions
Map of Los Angeles County

Q. Does this map cover all of Southern California?

A. No. This map focuses specifically on Los Angeles County, its cities and communities. Adjacent counties are labeled in the map with white lettering against a green background. Cities and communities in other counties, however, are not shown.

Q. Does this map show zip codes?

A. No. Zip codes and zip code boundaries are not shown in the Los Angeles County Map. We do, however, offer a map featuring solely ZIP codes and boundaries wholly or partially within the City of Los Angeles. Click here to learn more about this map.

Q. Does this map show streets that serve as city boundaries?

A. No. We do feature freeways, state highways, railroad tracks, and bodies of water within the county and these often coincide with city boundaries. We do not, however, feature city streets in the county map. For this reason, we show many city boundaries without streets or other geographic features that serve as the boundaries. (see next question).

Q. Why are some communities shown in this map without boundaries?

A. Many communities shown in this map are either unincorporated communities (they are governed directly by the county Board of Supervisors and not by an independent council and mayor) or are larger neighborhoods and districts within incorporated cities (such as neighborhoods within the City of Los Angeles). Since these communities are significant but many do not have officially defined boundaries, their general location is shown without displaying boundaries.

Q. Are all cities and neighborhoods in Los Angeles County shown in this map?

A. Yes & No. We feature all 88 incorporated cities in the county and all unincorporated communities recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau. We also feature a number of smaller unincorporated communities and significant neighborhoods/districts within some cities. There are many other small neighborhoods in both cities and unincorporated communities that are not featured in this map due simply to a lack of sufficient space in map.

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