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City of Ghosts - on Netflix
City of Ghosts, Los Angeles, History

We admit that we love almost anything that seeks to honestly tell the story of Los Angeles. Sometimes, we come across a work that is so intelligent, fresh, and creative, that it really stands out to us. Such is "City of Ghosts," an animation series on Netflix, created by Elizabeth Ito. Although it is apparently directed towards children, please don't let that stop you, if you're a grown-up. We're grown-ups at the Almanac, immersed in all things L.A. every day. Yet, we find City of Ghosts unexpected and delightful. It expresses a love for Los Angeles that uniquely comes through its stories about L.A. people and neighborhoods. Each episode unfolds like a narative mystery documentary that connects us in L.A.'s present with those from its past. Complain all you want about what there is to dislike about Los Angeles. City of Ghosts focuses on what there is to like.