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Election Results in Los Angeles County

California General Election - November 8, 2022

Los Angeles County, Election, Voter

A Los Angeles County voter drops her ballot at a ballot drop box. Los Angeles Almanac photo.

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Election Turnout, Los Angeles County

Numbers that follow are fnal certified numbers.

  • Total registered voters in L.A. County: 5,601,835 (per California Secretary of State)
  • Total ballots cast in L.A. County: 2,451,654
  • Percent of registered voters in L.A. County who cast ballots: 43.83%
  • Mail ballots cast in L.A. County: 1,967,810 (80.15% of ballots cast)
  • Vote Center ballots cast in L.A. County: 487,214 (19.85% of ballots cast)

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Election Results


County Measure A - Authority to Remove Elected Sheriff for Cause:
-- YES (71.84%) vs. NO (28.16%)

County Measure C - L.A. County Cannabis Business Tax Measure:
-- YES (60.18%) vs. NO (39.82%)

-- Robert Luna (61.26%) [WINNER] vs. Alex Villanueva (38.74%)
........Villanueva conceded on Nov. 15.
........(See L.A. County Sheriff Elections since 1942)

Board of Supervisors, 3rd District.:
-- Lindsey Horvath (52.97%) [WINNER] vs. Bob Hertzberg (47.03%)
........(See L.A. County Supervisor Elections since 1996)

Mayor, City of Los Angeles:
-- Karen Bass (54.83%) [WINNER] vs. Rick Caruso (45.17%)