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Requests to License LAAlmanac.com Content

With few exceptions, we are not currently granting license to use our map images IN ANY INTERNET WEB PAGES for any purpose. This includes Educational Use as described below. We continue to be open to use in other media.

Educational Use

We permit use of our content for Educational Use as described below. Our map images, however, may NOT be used in any Internet web pages for any purpose even for Educational Use. We do not charge license fees for Educational Use of our content as follows:

  1. Use by students as part of their individual classroom assignments/projects at any accredited school or college (with the exception of material for sale or used to raise funds).

  2. Use by teachers as part of their individual classroom instructional material at any accredited school or college (with the exception of material for sale or used to raise funds).

For Educational Use as described above, we do not require that you contact us for permission. We do, however, require that you comply with the following:

  1. A credit is published with the content as follows: [Table, Map, etc.] courtesy of Los Angeles Almanac @ LAAlmanac.com
  2. Our copyright notice in the content image may not be removed or altered nor can any logos be added.
  3. Content cannot be incorporated into any material for sale or used to raise funds, such as a book or merchandise, even if for non-profit purposes (such would be considered commercial use - see the following).

Commercial use

With the exception of "Educational Use" as described above, use of our content, in whole or in part, is considered "Commercial Use." This applies to use in any media on the web and/or in print, including editorial use (such as a newsletter, book, or informational website). Internal use by any organization, whether commercial or non-commercial, would be considered "commercial use." Use of our content for the purposes of raising funds is considered "commercial use." Non-profit use except as provided for "educational use" is considered "commercial use." With few exceptions, we are no longer licensing use of our map images for any purpose in any Internet web pages. See Process for obtaining a license below for instructions on requesting a commercial use license in other media.

Unauthorized use

Unauthorized use, whether intentional or accidental, will result in a fee of triple the fair market value, if paid within 10 days, or ten times the fair market value, if paid after that.

Additional policies

* License fees are paid in advance by bank check and the license is authorized by returning check and a signed agreement by mail.

* Licensing may be cancelled and fees refunded up to 30 days from the effective date of the license.

* Publications containing the following content will not receive approval for a license:

  • Advocacy of violence or intolerance against any individual or organization or any racial, ethnic, or religious, group
  • Pornography or mature content
  • Excessive profanity
  • Promotion of any sort of weapon, alcoholic beverage, or tobacco-related product
  • Promotion of gambling
  • Illegal content, promotion of illegal activity, or promotion of infringing upon the legal rights of others

Process for obtaining a license

Contact us by email at [email protected]. In your email, please provide the following (being as descriptive as possible):

  1. Specific content to be used (provide the web page address in our website) and label, title or other description:
  2. Describe any modifications to the content (beyond resizing): If possible, please attach a graphic example of the modification described above (you are authorized to copy and modify our content solely for the purpose of providing to us an example of proposed modifications).
  3. Describe the media in which content will be used and how it will be used:
  4. How many copies of the media will be published/produced:
  5. Name of end user/organization:
  6. Project Name:
  7. Estimated date(s) of publication:

We may follow with additional questions. Please be patient. We have very limited resources and, at the time of your request, we might be committed to a project or deadline of our own that leaves us with little time to review incoming license requests. If you under a short deadline for obtaining a license, we may not at the time be in a position to promptly respond or arrange a license agreement before your deadline. If you anticipate the need to use our content, we urge you to submit your request as far in advance as possible. We appreciate your consideration.