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Auto Plants in Los Angeles County

Company Location Period of Operation
Willys-Overland Maywood 1928-1954
Ford Long Beach 1930-1959


City of Commerce 1932-1971
Studebaker Vernon 1936-1956

General Motors

South Gate 1936-1982

Kaiser Frazer

Long Beach 1947-1955?

General Motors

Van Nuys 1947-1992

Nash Motors

El Segundo 1948-1955


Pico Rivera 1957-1980

The Kaiser Frazer auto manufacturing plant also operated in Long Beach sometime during the
post-World War II period.


Chrysler Models Manufactured in Commerce, CA
Plymouth 1929-1964
Dodge  1946-1964
DeSoto 1929-1959
Chrysler 1948-1960
Valiant 1960-1971
Lancer 1960-1962
Barracuda 1964-1966 & 1969-1970
Challenger 1969-1970
Dart 1959-1971
Belvedere 1964-1971
Coronet 1964-1971


In 1914, Ford Motor Company opened Southern California's earliest auto assembly plant in Los Angeles to assemble Model T Fords. In 1930, Ford moved its manufacturing to a plant on Terminal Island and produced 1.5 million vehicles there before closing the plant in 1959. Many employees from the closed plant transferred to the Ford plant in Pico Rivera.


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