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Dodger Stadium

Basic Facts
Cost to Build: $23 million
Seating Capacity: 56,000
Largest Crowd: 56,242 (World Series Game 4 - Dodgers vs. New York Yankees - Oct. 24, 1981)
Largest Regular Season Crowd: 55,185 (Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants - July 28, 1973)
Highest Season Attendance: 3,608,881 (1982)
Lowest Season Attendance: 1,581,093 (1968)
Parking: 16,000 cars

Left Field Foul Line: 330 ft.
Left Field Center: 385 ft.
Center Field: 395 ft.
Right Field Center: 385 ft.
Right Field Foul Line: 330 ft.

First Baseball Game - Dodger Stadium
Date: April 10, 1962
Game & Final Score: Cincinnati Reds 6 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers 3
Attendance: 52,564
First Hit: Eddie Kasko, Cincinnati, hits a double
First Homer:
Wally Post, a three-run homer over Center Field in the 7th


Key Dodger Stadium Dates:

October 7, 1957: Los Angeles City Council votes 10 to 4 to approve the Chavez Ravine site for Dodger Stadium.

February 18, 1960: Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley pays $494,000 to complete the purchase of Chavez Ravine. The property was valued at $92,000.

April 10, 1962: Dodger Stadium is the first privately-financed Major League stadium to open since the original Yankee Stadium opened in 1923.


Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates is the only baseball player to hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium twice. On August 5, 1969, Stargell hit a 506-foot shot off Alan Foster.  On May 8, 1973, he does it again, hitting a homer off Andy Messersmith over the right field pavilion 470 feet away. Mike Piazza of the Dodgers did so once in 1997 and so did Mark McGuire of the Cardinals (1999).

The Dodgers were the first Major League team to draw more than three million in attendance in a single season.


Other Dodger Stadium Dates:

September 19, 1963: 476 lonely fans watch the Angels and Orioles game at Dodger Stadium (the Angels refer to the stadium as Chavez Ravine). The Angels win, 7–2.

October 5, 1963: The Dodgers and the Yankees bring the first World Series game to Dodger Stadium. Los Angeles wins that game for a 3-0 World Series lead.

August 5, 1974: At the top of the ninth inning in the Dodger-Reds game, 19-year-old Alex Stein and his tiny Whippet, Ashley, dash onto the field and begin performing spectacular Frisbee tosses. The crowd is delighted and the two, caught on television cameras, initiate a Frisbee craze. Stein is arrested upon leaving the field. He had smuggled his dog into the stadium.

April 25, 1976: During a Dodgers-Cubs game, Cubs player Rick Monday snatches an American flag from two fans trying to set it on fire in the outfield. The next day, the Illinois legislature unanimously approves May 4 as Rick Monday Day.

August 10, 1995: At "Ball Day" at Dodger Stadium, the Cardinals win a 2-1 victory by forfeit over the Dodgers. In the bottom of the ninth, Raul Mondesi strikes out and then argues the call. He is ejected. Tommy Lasorda is also ejected when he engages in the argument. The fans then bombard the field with more than 200 of the souvenir balls. Officials order the Cardinals into the dugout for the first Major League forfeit since July 12, 1979.



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