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Transportation Information for Disabled Persons


Customer Relations - Questions, Complaints: (213) 922-6235
Reduced Fare Information: (213) 680-0054
Hearing Impaired: Use the California Relay Service, 711, and then the number you need


Speech & Hearing Impaired: (800) 698-4833 (800-698-4TDD)

Access Services

Reasonably-priced van & taxi services for the disabled for most of L.A. County
PO Box 5728 
El Monte, CA 91734

  • If a certified Access Services riders contact: (800) 883-1295 or (Hearing Impaired) TDD (800) 826-7280
  • If NOT a certified Access Services rider, contact Customer Service: (800-827-0829 or (Hearing Impaired) TDD (800) 827-1359

City Ride (City of Los Angeles only)

Van & taxi services for seniors and the mobility impaired of the City of Los Angeles
(Any area code) 808-RIDE or (Hearing Impaired) TDD (800) 559-1950



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