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One of the Earliest Known Angelenos

Prehistoric La Brea Woman imagined in display at La Brea Tar Pits & Museum. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

And, perhaps, our first known homicide case.

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"Old Fashioned Art of Puppetry Not Lost in Los Angeles
Old Fashion Puppetry Not Lost in Los Angeles

Bob Baker's Marionettes - the oldest children's theatre company in Los Angeles and a local cultural icon.

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Long Beach State students, as part of the growing Chicano movement or El Movimiento, perform anti-war guerilla street theatre, 1970. Photo by El Teatro Popular de la Vida y Muerte.

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Origins of Some of Our Local Food Empires

1926 - Orange Julius, founder Julius Freed, in Los Angeles
1936 - Bob's Big Boy, founder Bob Wian, in Glendale
1941 - Carl's Jr., founder Carl Karcher, in Los Angeles
1946 - Original Tommy's Hamburgers, founder Tom Koulax, in Los Angeles
1947 - Fatburger, founder Lovie Yancey, in South Los Angeles
1947 - Hof's Hut, founder Harold Hofman, in Belmont Shore
1948 - In-N-Out, founder Harry Snyder, in Baldwin Park
1948 - Winchell's Donuts, founder Verne Winchell, in Temple City
1951 - The Hat, founder (unidentified), in Alhambra
1953 - Denny's, founders Harold Butler and Richard Jezak, in Lakewood
1958 - International House of Pancakes (IHOP), founder Al Lapin, in Toluca Lake
1958 - Sizzler, founder Del and Helen Johnson, in Culver City
1961 - Wienerschnitzel, founder John Galardi, in Long Beach
1962 - Taco Bell, founder Glen Bell, in Downey
1972 - Gladstones*, founder Robert Morris, in Malibu
1978 - Cheesecake Factory, founder David Overton, in Beverly hills
1982 - Islands, founder Tony DeGrazier, in West Lost Angeles
1983 - Panda Express, founders Ming-Tsai Cherng, son Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng, in Glendale
1985 - California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), founders Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax, in Beverly Hills
1999 - Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, founder Craig Hofman, in Long Beach

Replica original In-N-Out stand, Baldwin Park. Photo by Gary Thornton, Los Angeles Almanac.

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